Is bisexuality allowed in Islam

In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Homosexuality and any other sexual deviaton, is a HUGE sin. So it’s not “okay” to engage in these filthy sins, and it’s not even “okay” to think about it. You’re playing games with God, and you’re clearly going against His Law and Will, if you do this. You can clearly read in the Qur’an that this is Haram, if you actually read it yourself. I suggest reading the story of Prophet Lut (AS), and see what happens to gay/bi people. They were destroyed. And it’s clearly said in this story, and in other parts (aswell as the Sunnah), that this is FORBIDDEN. It’s a huge sin. These “fantasies” somebody may be getting, DOES NOT mean that you’re like that. It’s Shaitaan playing with your mind. And when you have these unnatural urges, DO NOT fall into it! You don’t have to follow your desires! If I have the desire to kill someone, does that make me a killer? If I have the desire to rape someone, does that make me a raper? No. You’re only like that, if you actually do it. So DO NOT let ANYONE tell you that when you have these thoughts and fantasies, that you’re like that, and that you should become like that. Don’t be fooled. And I read all your posts, and I know that you’re gay, and that you’ve even had gay intercourse, so I wanna advice you the following. You were NOT born that way! I repeat, you were NOT born that way! NO ONE gets born a homosexual! God does NOT create sinners! We BECOME sinners ourselves. Because nowadays people try to tell me that your DNA decides what your sexual orientation will be… I’ve never heard so much rubbish in my life… God doesn’t make sinners. Everyone is born a Muslm, according to God. If you’re gay, you’re gay because you chose to become that, by watching things that were forbidden in the first place. Here’s some proof that gays were NOT born as gays, and that your DNA has nothing to do with your sexual orientation, hence God does not make gay people. (http://www.redflagnews.com/headlines/identical-twin-studies-prove-homosexuality-is-not-genetic)

That sites PROOFS that you were not born that way, and that your actions and choices determined whether you would’ve become that, or not. Dr. Zakir Naik also says this in a Q&A session in a lecture (he’s both Muslim and medical doctor). So homosexuality is NOT in your genes. Get this outside of your head. It’s the same with the fact that God does NOT create murderers. Because the people first claimed that that was also in your “genes”, but now it has been disproved AGAIN by science. So in short, God does not create sinners. You should really change, brother, because your story is really dangerous. Every single one of us INDEED HAS A PROBLEM WITH A PARTICULAR SIN! Everyone! Your problem with your particular sin, is this sin, and you should fight against it. The same with that I should fight against my sins, and I shouldn’t make excuses or saying that it’s “allowed”, because that would make me a liar and a hypocrite. You’ve gotta follow what God commands, bro. Don’t let your own desires become a god, I seek refuge of that.

If that person you’re referring to, and you yourself, don’t change, then you’ve got problems with God. Don’t be of the people of the story of Lut (AS), because they were destroyed, and God will do the same to anyone who’s doing the same. Whether here, or there. Or both.

That definently answers it.

God knows best.

Is bisexuality allowed in Islam

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