The Online Books Page: Archives and Indexes

The Online Books Page: Archives and Indexes


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There’s a vast range of online literature beyond what we index individually on The Online Books Page. Below we list some of the major sources and indexes of free online texts, in all languages, both general and specialized.


These are large, general-purpose collections with substantial English-language listings. For archives that mainly carry other languages, see the non-English languages archive listings. We break these out into categories:

Large-scale repositoriesSignificant indexes and search aidsSignificant smaller-scale archives

Large-scale repositories

These are big collections of texts, big enough to act as small library-like collections in their own right. The threshold for inclusion here may rise over time. Listed alphabetically.

  • Google Book Search (page images of 2,000,000+ fully readable public domain books, plus many more copyrighted books available via excerpts and snippets)
  • HathiTrust (3,000,000+ freely readable titles, and additional search-only titles, from Google and elsewhere)
  • Internet Archive Ebooks and Texts (15,000,000+ freely readable volumes; page images and some transcriptions)
  • Project Gutenberg (over 50,000 items, mostly book transcriptions)

Significant indexes and search aids

The sites below primarily provide search engines, indexes or useful link lists for finding online books.

Significant smaller-scale archives

Everything else we see worth listing that doesn’t fit in more specialized categories.

Non-English Languages

Tyler Jones’s iLoveLanguages site has a comprehensive listing of various language and literature resources. WESSWeb’s Western European Literature listing also lists a number of major collections in non-English European languages. See also these archives:

Specialty Archives

These are listed by category:
Academic Presses and InstitutionsAgricultureArchitectureArt and CraftsAudioBlacksBooks, Printing, and PublishingChildrenComics and Graphic NovelsComputingDissertationsDramaEconomicsFilm, Televison, and RadioFolkloreHistoricalHome EconomicsLiteraryMilitaryMusic and DanceNew Original WorksPhilosophyPoetryPolitics, Government, LawPortable Reader EditionsRegionalReligionScience, Technology, Social Science and MathScience Fiction, Fantasy, HorrorSerialsSports, Games and RecreationTextbooks and Instructional MaterialsWomen

Academic Presses and Institutions

Some presses and academic institutions have put a substantial number of free online books on their site. They are listed below.



Art and Crafts


Black Writers and Subjects

Books, Printing, and Publishing

Children’s Literature

Comics and Graphic Novels


Dissertations and Theses



Film, Television, and Radio



This section includes general or wide-area historical archives and indexes. For sites that focus on a particular country, state, or region, see the regional section.

Home Economics


See also historical (for literature from a certain period), and new original works (for web-published literature) and poetry.


Music and Dance

New Original Works

These archives have substantial collections of material that has been first published first on the Net, or that appeared on the Web shortly after their original publication. See also Wikipedia’s article on Web fiction, which mentions or indirectly links to a number of sites featuring online writing from amateurs and professionals.



Politics, Government, Law

Portable Reader Editions

  • Feedbooks (thousands of public domain titles in EPub, Mobi, Kindle, and other formats)
  • Manybooks.net (over 25,000 titles formatted for PDAs, Kindles, Iphones, and other devices)
  • Microsoft Reader Free eBooks (for PocketPC and Windows platforms; for-pay books also offered)
  • PalmPilot E-Text Ring (80+ sites featuring free or for-pay texts formatted for Palm readers)
  • Qvadis Library (free texts in proprietary Palm format; requires purchase of reader software)
  • A few sites make many of their titles available in popular formats for portable devices, as well as standard Web formats. Notable sites in this category include the Baen Free Library.


Books concerning various regions can also be found in general resources in the historical section.


Science, Technology, Social Science, and Math

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror


The following are some major directories of open-access serials. See also our own serials listings.

Sport, Games, and Recreation

Textbooks and Instructional Materials


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The Online Books Page: Archives and Indexes

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