What did the Prophet say about Racism

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Religion and scripture have long been blamed for many of society’s ills.

You’ve probably heard these rants before:

“Religion causes bloodshed!”
“Religion causes war!”

It’s not religion, but the misinterpretation of religion that contributes to the social evils we see today.

True Religion can only serve as a source of peace. It doesn’t cause society’s problems, it cures them.

Nevertheless, in certain pockets of the world racism still lives. It exists as a modern evil – a mental disease caused by a corrupted mindset.

Its cure by the way is nothing new, in fact it’s fourteen hundred years old.

Islamic tradition known as Hadith states that in his final sermon the Prophet Muhammad, Allah’s Blessings and Peace be upon him, said:

“There is no superiority for an Arab over a non-Arab, nor for a non-Arab over an Arab. Neither is the white superior over the black, nor is the black superior over the white — except by piety.”

Yusuf Khan a writer and resides in the Washington DC area. He speaks frequently at various Islamic centers.  This article was originally published on August 1, 2009.

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  • What did the Prophet say about Racism

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