Lesser Known Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The ‘The Matrix’ Trilogy

18. Saudi Arabia

Neo finally makes it to the surface of the Earth in the finale of The Matrix Revolutions, traveling to the Machine City to broker a ceasefire with his A.I. enemies. Of course, the planet looks unrecognizable and you’d be hard-pressed to figure out where the Machine City is located on a map. While the film doesn’t explicitly reveal this information, we know based on information from The Animatrix that the Machine City’s real name is “Zero-One” and is located in Saudi Arabia’s Empty Quarter.

Though never mentioned by name, based on information from The Animatrix (2003) the Machine City is called “Zero-One” and located in the Empty Quarter in Saudi Arabia. This, as well as Zion as the last human settlement, would imply most of the main action of the film franchise takes place in the Middle East.

Source: Screenshot via Warner Bros.

17. Norse Connections

In addition to its many Biblical connections, the Matrix movies also draw on Norse mythology for inspiration. The Zion ship referred to as the Hammer is named Mjolnir, which as we all know (thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe) is the weapon of Thor, the Nordic God of Thunder. Mjolnir always returns to its master, with lighting and thunder sparking along the way, and Revolutions contains a nod to this when the ship returns to Zion (it’s master) with its lightning and thunder, which in this case is an EMP blast that disables the attacking Sentinals.

Additionally, the name of the climactic battle between Neo and Smith is “Neodämmerung,” derived from the German word Gotterdämmerung, which means “twilight of the gods.” This was the title of part of Richard Wagner’s opera “Der Ring des Nibelungen (“The Ring of the Nibelung”), based on the Norse story of Ragnarok, a final, fatal battle which destroyed the home of the gods and the gods themselves. Much like how Neo fights already knowing his fate, the Norse gods fought knowing they would ensure the survival of mankind. Interestingly, Wagner had a strong influence on the movie’s music, so this connection works on multiple levels.

Source: via Marvel Studios

Lesser Known Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The ‘The Matrix’ Trilogy

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