As the title says, my daughter is enjoying having nightly chapter readings from Charlotte’s Web. I was a bit hesitant at first to read the book because it’s typically a 4th grade level book, but she has been listening attentively and has been answering comprehension questions in a way that shows the text is not too complex for her understanding. (Side note: I am a middle school teacher who is trained in literacy assessments, so I have used the questions that I use in the classroom to determine this). I also acknowledge the research that explains how children can listen to a story that is read aloud while being above their actual reading level and still have good comprehension, so I am totally comfortable and prepared to continue reading books that are considered “above grade level” with her.

Beyond that, I am thoroughly enjoying the experience because she has expressed how much she enjoys our time together each night as we read. It makes my heart so warm to have quality time together centered around reading, so I want to keep the momentum going as long as possible. Fostering a lifelong love of reading is my goal.

My daughter likes books about animals, realistic fiction, and books with an exploration of morals (explicit lessons on kindness, equality, etc.). I have recently read Wonder by R.J. Palacio, which is a good example of what I mean by the exploration of morals, but the writing is more geared toward an older audience that I don’t think she’ll appreciate as much. I also think it would be helpful to mention that she enjoys stories with a familiar setting, such as a school or home as for her enjoyment of realistic fiction.

TIA! I really appreciate it.


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