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We are happy to offer thousands of free old time radio shows for download or stream. Once downloaded, hear these free OTR shows on your computer, MP3 Player, or copy them to a cd to listen anywhere!

Before the era of television, sitting around the radio was popular home entertainment. Radio broadcasts starred voices from top-name radio and film stars. During the golden age of radio, networks broadcast kids adventure shows, comedy, detective, quiz, thriller, western, and more to the American radio listeners. Now known as “old time radio“, enjoy these nostalgic recordings free of charge on our website!

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Olan Soule as Ray Pinker; no sign of William Conrad

Judy Harris listening to The Big Rip episode from Dragnet

Thank you for keeping alive this timeless tale by Honore de Balsac.

Mike Hawkins listening to Pere Goriot episode from Living Fiction

I read the story. This is a faith full adaptation. It’s pretty darn good. Also tension without being depressing.

ZachWZ listening to A Pail Of Air episode from X Minus One

 + Cavalcade of America tells the story of America’s first prim Dona Clara Louise Kellogg who was also the first American singer to defy tradition by obtaining all her music training in her native land. She was the first American to achieve worldwide recognition in the field of opera and through her pioneering efforts she blazed a trail for other talented American singers to follow.


Series Title Genre About The Show Rating
cbs radio mystery theater Thriller Many may remember E.G. Marshall (later Tammy Grimes) introducing this relatively modern CBS radio sh…
suspense Thriller With over 900+ broadcasts written by various authors and directors of their time, Suspense is a cong…
yours truly johnny dollar Crime With over a decade on-air, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar was one of the longest-running detective series…
jack benny program Comedy The Jack Benny Program, which starred no less than Jack Benny himself, was a comedy series than went…
x minus one Sci-fi Most of the stories for X Minus One were culled directly from the pages of Galaxy. Many of SF’s most…
Lone Ranger Western In 1933, producer George W. Trendle and writer Fran Striker had the Lone Ranger ride out of the west…
Lum and Abner Comedy In this old time radio series, Norris Goff was Abner Peabody, and Chester Lauck was Lum Edwards… t…
Lux Radio Theater Drama Lux Radio Theater started as a Sunday afternoon anthology featuring radio versions of Broadway plays…
Fibber McGee and Molly Comedy Fibber McGee and Molly, Fibber McGee and Molly, a radio comedy series, first aired on NBC radio on A…
gunsmoke Western Aired 1952 – 1961“Around Dodge City, and into territory on west, there’s just one way to handle …

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