Red Ants Underneath

This would work better as a spreadsheet but I just wanted to get this down somewhere for later. The DC characters and planets match each other, but there is poor agreement as to the planetary “order” for the seven ancient “planets” (notably whether Sol is 4 or 7). The Erickson stages don’t fit as well as the other psychosocial models. The point is there is surprising alignment in this pattern, including interesting things like the repeated combining of love and ontology in FOUR.

Legend: number (of SEVEN) – Robert Anton Wilson circuit, biblical day, chakra “will,” Ishtar gate (lost clothing item), Chakra name (function), Maslow need, Freud stage (until THREE), Ericksonian stage, Piaget stage, Kegan stage, planet, Justice League member, Symposium speech, days of the week (out of order)

ONE – I to/from (forward/back), first day existence/nonexistence::light/dark, will to live, will (sandals), root (trust), physiologic, oral, trust vs mistrust, sensorimotor, reflexive (Kegan 0), Saturn, Batman, Phaedrus (love is will to do good as foundation, mode naive), Saturday

TWO – II up/down (ego) – hierarchy/control, heavens/earth, will to feel, ego (anklets), sacral/genital (sexuality/creativity), safety, anal, autonomy vs shame/doubt and initiative vs guilt, preoperational, impulsive (Kegan 1), Jupiter, Green Lantern, Pausanias (good and bad love as judgement, mode legal), Thursday

THREE – III left/right (mind), intellectual, land/sea, will to think, mind (robe), solar plexus (wisdom, power), skill mastery, “genital” phase, industry vs inferiority, concrete operational, (Kegan 1.5) shift in object to interests, Mars, Martian Manhunter, Eryximachus (healthy and unhealthy love as, mode taxonomy), Tuesday

FOUR – IV past/future (time), stars and planets to give day/night, will to love, gender role (gold breast cups), heart (love, healing), love and belonging, identity vs role confusion, formal operational, instrumental (Kegan 2), Venus, Hawkman/Woman, Aristophanes (love as split genders seeking reuniting, mode poetic), Friday

FIVE – V sensorimotor – somatic awareness/body high, proliferation and differentiation of life, will to express, rapture of illumination (necklace), throat (communication), esteem, intimacy vs isolation, socialized (Kegan 3), Mercury, Flash, Agathon (love as youth, mode rhetoric), Wednesday

SIX – VI sensorioelectric – generational understanding/self awareness, creation of man, consciousness, will to see, Magic (earrings), third eye (awareness), self actualization, generatively vs stagnation, self authoring (Kegan 4), Moon, Wonder Woman, Socrates (love as progression to a pure selfless love above all things, mode self analysis), Monday

SEVEN – VII neurogenic – recursive integration, beyond will, day of rest, godhood (many petaled crown), crown (spirituality), off the pyramid, ego integrity vs despair, self transforming (Kegan 5), Sun, Superman, Alcibiades (love as a hot mess, mode breakdown), Sunday

Red Ants Underneath

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