VivaAerobus VB – Flights, Reviews & Cancellation Policy

If you have decided to travel with Viva Aerobus, there are three primary classes for you to decide between, known as Viva Light, Viva Basic, and Viva Smart. While Viva Light offers standard services such as the ability to bring a carry-on bag, Viva Basic also includes the option of checking a small bag. If you select Viva Smart, you will have access to priority check-in, priority boarding, the option of checking a regular sized bag, and the ability to choose your seat before boarding.

Although this airline does not have any codeshare agreements with other companies, it is connected to the Irish airline named Ryanair. It was Ryanair that helped to found Viva Aerobus in 2006 with the Mexican bus company known as IAMSA, and the company RyanMex was eventually established as a way for Ryanair to invest in the airline.

Because this airline’s headquarters and primary base are located in Mexico, the majority of its flights are domestic and between large cities in the country. However, travelers can also use the airline to go to a few international destinations, with some examples including Costa Rica and the United States.

The company’s fleet is made up of over 35 aircraft, with each one of them being an Airbus. The Airbus A320-200 is by far the most commonly used plane, as it does well for medium-range domestic trips and can fit up to 180 passengers. For longer international flights, the airline generally uses the Airbus A321neo, a large option that fits approximately 240 passengers and is known for being spacious.

VivaAerobus VB – Flights, Reviews & Cancellation Policy

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