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But can this help him stay? Jim Irsay felt that you can. Last season, Illi praised the main church Chris Ballard (Chris Ballard) to obtain the operation of Brisette, he said that the team will never make this quartz.

BROX was selected by the male queen in the first round of 2012. The star of the original Louisiana State University will reach 5 million US dollars in the 2016 season. His top four years has a total of 9.52 million. Dollar.

Gelkovski thanks to the mother to help you break the record

New England Patrioper’s close-end Yab Rob Gronkowski completed the 69th game of the Career in the US Time Sunday, broke the history of the team Record.

Pony owl said that it will not trade quad-quartz Brysett

On August 5th, he came to the Pony last year after the season, and the second week will be held on the first week. Although all aspects are very difficult, the pony is not being defeated by Jacoby Brissett, still completing a good performance.

Although BROx is flattened in impact four-point guard, he has been able to say that the ability to defend the opponent’s rush is to reach the first class level. But with another defensive disharmony Nick-Fairley, BROSO’s appearance time may be slightly limited.

At Wednesday, the team official decided to decide, but the contract details were not announced. Haolei signed a contract with pirates before the start of the 2015 season, starting 29 games. Initially he was in Tampawan as a substitute for Evan Smith, but the latter was injured soon, so he was responsible for the first weight.

The male goal is implemented in BROX.

According to wholesale Nfl jerseys media people, Albert Breer reported on Monday, the St. Louis Rasquet of the San Lussea Executive Dragonfly, the fifth anniversary of Michael Brokers.

This is a bit exaggerated. Although Briset is indeed a good substitute, there is no need to prevent Andrew Luck after the injury of Andrew Luck, the price is also very cheap jerseys from china ($ 16.25 million in two years), but Pony is now urgently need to make up a strong list. The first round sign is not falling from the sky.

According to NFL NetWork reporters, Mahms will accept X-ray inspections. His knee humeral is misplaced, there is a chance to do not accept surgery, relying on the protective gear to heal. His absence may be short to weeks, or may be reimbursed in season, requiring nuclear magnetic resonance imaging.

Recently, Jones recently said this: “Beckham has a lot of things to do before they can surpass AJ, Green horse must enter the fourth year, his play is 4 years, so Beckham needs Find a continuous approach to ensure the height of Green. “

Haolei is the sixth and pirate renewal players. In addition, there is Safe Kreis Conte, defensive endver Wilston, Runjaquiz – Rogers ( Jacquizz rodgers, defensive disappearance, Silve, Srika, and Josh Robinson.

Green is about to career in the fifth year, is considered an elite level of external connections. In the past four seasons, he can contribute 1000 yards of the ball every season, even if he is absent in the three games in the 2014 season, he also completed 1041 yards.

The chief quarter of the Sky Holmems match is injured in the knee

In the Night Competition held on Thursday, the chief of the Supreme Patrick – Patrick Mahomes suffered a serious knee injury in the second section of the game.

Beckham missed the four games of the rookie season because of injuries, but his efficiency was amazing, and the ball was completed, and 1305 yards were completed and 12 reached, including that stone broke the sky. The key is that he is only 22 years old.

Adam – Jones: Green is still better than Xiao Becham

The New York Giants Odell Beckham Jr. broke out in the rookie season, but Cincinnati-tiger’s corner-Jones and him all considered Aj Green (Ajgreen) Before the Beckham.


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