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Falcon, Roddy White, said: “This season, we have always express as a team. We have a very good four-point guard, every teammate is very good. Everyone has a job, contributes as much power in their position. Only every position is successful, the team can succeed. Now I feel very good, we look forward to the next victory. “

Cape Nick’s selected evaluation in the magazine was written by his former San Francisco 49 people Jim Harbaugh. The latter indicated that Katnik was bold and bravely confronted with the well-known inequality in our social justice system. “He praised Katnik to fight alone when he was attacked.

Teammates look forward to the number of McCay scorpion code

Buffalo Biro Runwah Shaun McKea McCoy will play in a new offensive group, which will have more time to open the road in a new offensive group. And this fullness has a high expectation to him.

The single seasons are far from the 2000 yards, but McCoo will get a lot of flushing opportunities in this effort to rely on pavement attack and defensive winning. McCay 2013 The total number of matters is the most, if he has completed this achievement again this season, it is not necessary to be surprised.

On the same day of his entry, the Colin-Katnik Foundation announced the quarter-saving contribution: he donated $ 100,000 to several charity. At present, his total donation has reached $ 600,000, and his plan is a total of US $ 1 million.

“We have to behave better, whether it is an external hand or a near-end front or running guard or offensive front line or de-Shawn faster,” O’Brien said before. “No matter what, Cheap jerseys everyone is working together. This is where all our efforts have improved, we have to improve these aspects.”

The officer of the sniper is the only negative news that Dalight, which is the only video, took a video. Hope Dallas cowboy can pick him up. This makes the Cleveland fans who have the homited yuan signed a unpleasant, while Galt said he intended to apologize to Brown officials during the physical measurement.

“I want him to break the record,” Felton said. “I want him to get 2000 yards. I want him to take a full league number. He is the same as Adrian Peterson. If he does not become a league number running in the next season, I will Very disappointed, this is of course. “

Defensive Director Gret: I am the best player of this selection

The defensive end of the Texas Agricultural Machinery University is the most popular candidate of this year’s draft, and he believes that he is worthy of this.

Saint-Wire Guard: The clothes of the dressing room

Before this week’s national Wannan District, the New Orleans Saints said a “funeral” to Atlantan Femplay. But in the end, the Falcon defeated the opponent, and the Saint is blocked outside the playoffs. After the winning, the Falcon will fight with Carolina Black Leopard, and the winner will become the champion of the National Lanen District and rank among the playoffs.

Felton served as the whole government of Minnesota, while Saidson rushed to 2097 yards, which is the second high data in cheap nfl jerseys history. Felton did not see why McCoo did not have similar performance. “Why can’t I?” Felton said. “He has such an ability. As a running guard who wants to get 2000 yards, you have to have the ability to sphere with a scorpion from any place. That is the goal I set up for him.”

Since the big season, he has been a star player. At that time, he won 11.5 killing and quickly considered to be the future NFL star. He is suffering from injuries throughout the 2016 season, and some scouts think that he has not made all efforts, but everyone consistently believes that he will become an elite defensive player in NFL.

Texas people coach Bill-O’Brien will more participated in the competition offensive command

After the opening of the season, the offensive group approached the level of the alliance, Houston Texas made some changes.

“Times” magazine will choose him in 2017, the world’s most influential characters. Capenik was protesting in a way that was not playing the national anthem in a ranks last season, which has aroused the argument of race, social injustice and protests in the United States.

According to informed people, after trying to put power to the assistant coach at the beginning of the season, the team coach Bill O’Brien (BRIEN) will participate in the competition plan to formulate and compete tactical command. Despite the offense coordinator Tim Kelly, Tim Kelly will remain passage to the four-point guards Deson, O’Brien will actively participate in the choice of tactics, just like he planned in the game. It will also play a bigger role.

Briton and Johnson were injured in the game of New York jet last week, Brandon ankles and knees were injured, Johnson was a sprained ankle. Freud has been in the past few weeks, and Balli is also a knee injury. He has been absent from the injury last week.

Jerome Felton said that McEawo is at least in terms of the total number of worships, and hopes that he can hit 2000 code mark and even break Eric Dickson. (Eric Dickerson) 2105 yards of the single season record.


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