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The 26-year-old Krik has been a 31 game for Texas in the past two seasons as J. J. Watt. Krik’s first two seasons in Texas and the current Miravelle, Wade Phillips and the defensive front line coach Bill Kollar, let the wild horse can be in the free player market. Losing Malik Jackson After finding an experienced alternative.

Kevin Coyle, Dolphin Defense Coordinator, said: “This is very simple. When you have a good player, you need to do it in a suitable location, and use them according to their respective characteristics. Talent. “Dolphin currently performs excellent performance in defense, and their fields are only lost 313.7 yards, and this data column is the 4th place in all teams. At present, the defensive use of dolphins is 4-3 formations, and we still think that Jordan is temporarily unable to find a suitable location in this system. But not to be suspicious is that Jordan’s ability will provide a brand new rush option for the dolphins. At present, the dolphins are steadily in the Eastern United States, and the team’s goal is to challenge the playoffs.

House leaks, lifting the losers of the night rain

At 7:55 on August 23, Beijing time, the Green Bay packaging team hosted the Auckland raid team. The final packaging worker defeated the raid by 31-21. The raid losses loses a main defensive line bathroom and a substitute danger.

Bente is written on personal instagram: “End your career makes me feel self-ending, but I am more looking forward to the new beginning, retiring me a chance to re-planning life. I am very grateful to my wife, I am very grateful to my wife. Many sacrifices have been made for my career. I will support me like they support me in the past 11 years. I have never felt peaceful as it is like now. As the famous American writer Tony Morrison (Toni Morrison) The same is the same in “Par”: Liberation Self is a matter, claiming to have freedom of self, another thing. “

Bentet career started in the pirate, after the pirate effectiveness, he joined the Hawks and spent 5 seasons in Seattle, and took the Pin Carroll of the Seattle, Pete Carroll. The career reaches the peak. He was traded to the eagle in the 2018 season. In the 2019 season, Bennet was turned to another two teams, and the patriot was played 6 times and appeared 9 times in Cowboy. Bentet career contributed 359 times, 69.5 times and 13 shots were manufactured.

In the second quarter, Rogers once again, 6-time attack advanced 67 yards, got the reached, but 2 points reversed. Then the packaging team continued to maintain an advantage, after 4 strong defensive, Rogers all the way did not contribute smoothly, 14 attack 65 yards were reached, and 2 points were successful. At the end of the first half, the packaging workers 22-7 leader.

Signing Crek let the wild horses have a powerful & mdash; & mdash; or even a stunning performance of the wild horse; & mdash; starting player, and the wild horse again Stable deeper depth of defensive sharp lines. You can expect the wild horse to choose a defensive front line player in the draft of a large quality defensive front line player this year.

The first round of the first round of the Sales, Josh Allen, can tell the lack of stability, Wholesale nfl jerseys the average transfer rate of 58.8%, while the Bill offensive group is ranked twenty-four under him . Bill scored no more than 17 points in the past four games, and this season has advanced 330.2 yards, and it is 19.6 points, which is the lowest in the race. For Allen, the good news is that the Texas people’s defensive group only ranks the 218.3 yards, which is the worst in the race team. Allen is good at the middle distance of the central area of ​​the venue is the soft rib in the Dezhou people’s defensive group. Bill may be able to use optional attacks and regional reading to pose a threat to Texas people’s defensive groups.

In the fourth quarter, within 5 minutes, the SCTT Tolzien continuously passed, and the package was again reached again. Subsequently, the defense of the packaging team showed loose, giving the raids to the Matt McGloin opportunities, and he continued to pass the long biography, broke the opponent’s defense, but 2 points after reaching . The packaging team dispatched the third fourth part of the bath, but did not get the first attack, McGember did not have a waste of opportunities, and Wholesale nfl Jerseys once again passed the continuous long biography in the last 2 minutes. The final packaging worker defeated the raid by 31-21.

Opening by packaging workers first attack, the main four-point Wei Allen Rogers, the first wave of no business, the offensive, the 73 yards, the opening is 3 minutes, and try 2 points to success. The raids immediately ran 40 yards in color, Morris-Drews, Maurice Jones-Drew. The first package is 8-7 leader.

In the second half, both parties sent a substitute quarter-free appearance. The two sides alternately attack for ten minutes, the packaging team will shoot again, and the third section ends 25-7, and the package is leading the lead.


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