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The growth of Lanins’ returning and corner Delvin Breaux should help the saints bad defense. In the case of four-point Delu Bris (Drew Brees), the defensive group that achieved progress may be able to let the Saints reverberate.

The giant snapshots were signed in the list, and Saquon Barkley (but did not have a half-field 4 & amp; inches while choosing to be strong), Xiao Odel Beckham JR.) injured The more returning and won the big contract, Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram are also powerful. They also signed a four-year 62 million US dollars with the Nate Solder, and tightened with a two-wheeled sign.

In the 8 years after the end of the player’s career, Thompson joined the package worker and served as a scout for the general manager Ron Wolf. After that, he was continuously promoted in the team, and the Director of the Alliance players was again arrived at the personnel of the team. He returned to the packageman as a general manager in 2005.

However, the offensive group is still only inverted, and the giant field proposes the number of code (289.5) Rankings No. 28, each gear proposing code (4.5) Route 29, Cheap Nfl Jerseys the average passed number of passes (215) No. 24, Field The hospice codes (74.5) No. 28, the averaging score (14.0) is column 29.

Elays Manning said that the giant problem is not only attacking the front line

Beijing September 19th, in the Sunday, the giants, the giants, Eli Manning, is poor. Some fans may let the offensive front line, but Manning does not think that the mistake is all in OL.

In the 13 seasons of Thompson as the general manager, the packaging workers won 125 wins and 82 losses 1 flat record, 9 times entered the playoffs, won the 45th Super Bowl champion. Today, there are still multi-core players in the packaging wage in the National Union Championships.

After that, everyone is not very happy to see, but all the games have to abandon each other, until the fifth conversion of the ball is improved. This time, the raid is a division, this wave 13 files advances 95 yards of attack, including Calmaster to the Williams of Middle Road, complete 43 yards, and advance to the wild horse 29 code line. After Hunter Renfrow, he pushed 10 yards to the first 2 yard lines of the terminal area, Jacobs completed the right to the ball. The raid is 14-0 continues to lead.

[Event Review] The rookie runs to the sky, the raid 24-16 wins

Beijing September 10th, the second game of the second game on Monday is a raid person and wild horses. The raids have just ended the entanglement with Antonio-Brown, and now is the moment that Jon Gruden will lead the silver army. Old defensive group in Joe-Vlaco (Joe FLACCO) and wild horses is also one of them.

As the general manager of the package, Thompson hired Mike McCarthy to serve as a coach, and built a champion lineup in the 2010 season, many of the core players in the team were introduced by him. Thompson picks 16 players who have been selected for at least 1 professional bowl after packaging.

At the beginning of the game, the raid people offensive group showed the life dragon, which seems to be completely influenced by the Antonio Brown farce. Derek Carr (DEREK Carr) has a steadily advancement, first completed 25 yards in Darren Waller to promote the Red District, then Josh Jacobs twice Inside the 10-yard line, it is ultimately relying on the 8 yards of Tyrell Williams to score for the team. Daniel Carson attached to the shooting door was also stable, and the raid person 7-0 is leading.

At present, the steel man has approximately 19 million US dollars. In the case of at least $ 180 million in the wage cap, if the number of final salary caps has further increased, then the steel man has a larger operational space, and it is more easier to reach Rosrisberg. They need to ensure that Rosrisberg can be accommodated and allow the team to maintain competitiveness.

Manning said: “The result of the comprehensive impact. Many things have a small mistake, add up is a big problem. Not just off-attack front line, everyone must reflect on themselves. When I was killed, the offensive front line did not protect in place But this is not the reason for the failure of the game. Quiz, running guards, external hands have a responsibility. “

After the two sides entered a free kick, the wild horse grabbed the chances of challenges. They use the 8-speed attack to advance the 75 yards, with an image of Emmanuel Sanders, now the 24-16 behind, but only 2 minutes left. The raid person finally successfully watched the end game, and 24-16 got victory.

Prior to entering the team management, Thompson was effective for Houston oil people for 10 years, served as a line guards and special group players. He has entered the alliance in 1975 in 1975 in 1975, from the Southern Health Council. In addition to serving as a gangwei and a special group player, Thompson also tried 4 anygball shot and all hit in the 1980 season’s competition in the New York jet.

Many players in the Alliance will activate the team bonus when the New League is coming. Rosrisberg is no exception, he will receive $ 14 million in a bonus on March 19. The steel man needs to find a way to complete the contract restructuring before that day, otherwise it is to face Rozrisberg occupying $ 41.25 million salary space.


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