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Also worth mentioning, the Alliance announced that the game of Buffalo-Jacksonville American Tiger held in London, England, on October 25 this year, is the first overseas Internet TV broadcast competition.

Once I said that I planned to fight for three years and would like to change the security guards who didn’t want to consider adding other teams. Taylor said that he chose to retirement is not coincident. Seeing some extent of Polamaru retirement. The two entered the alliance and retired with the same method. “This is what we do,” he said. “We entered the alliance together, we left the league together. This is my loyalty to him. I have said that once Troy makes a decision, I will. This is my commitment to Troy.”

Brown then made a fun question and answer with many fans. The Q & A covered a series of themes, including the escort of the Patriot trainer stealing the football used in the team only to reach the game; indicating that he intended to be Baltimore, said he wants to be 49 people in San Francisco but the team is He is inadvertent; blaming the media in the media; clearly expressed his unintentional to XFL and CFL playing; and refused to invite his invitation to him.

Joe Burrow cheap nfl jerseys from china Louisiana State University is widely considered to be a champion, and Washington red leather is considered to use an eye sign to pick Ohio State University defensive end Edge Chan (Chase Young) .

In recent years, alliance teams have achieved a minimal impact on TV live restrictions. There is no team in the last season without a broadcast, and only 2 times in 2013. It is reported that the nfl jerseys Alliance is also the only alliance to broadcast a free sports alliance for local media. The original alliance is the rule of TV broadcast, if the game needs to broadcast TV broadcasts, you must complete all the ticket sales work 72 hours before the game. Cancel this rule will be more powerful for the alliance TV broadcast promotion.

The ESPN reporter interviewed Pierre Paul’s answer is also the same. “I will no longer need special gloves next year. My hand is great, don’t ask me to ask me this question.” Obviously Pierre’s care for the outside world It has already begun to be irritated, but the pressure of these outside is already prepared in the lift season.

Antonio – Brown in the tweet with fans to answer multiple topics

External Antonio-Brown (Antonio Brown) is still waiting for your next chance, so before the next chance comes, he continues to vent your dissatisfaction in social media.

Effective team twelve steel person Yan Taylor announced retirement

Ike Taylor officially announced its retirement, ending his excellent 12 years of career, and he dedicated all 12 years to the Pittsburgh steel man.

Listening to the steel man is willing to let Taylor take the team’s break training during the next few months. Seeing that he entered the steel man’s coach in the future or to Tennessee Toyan’s Joined the Dick Lebeau’s Dick Lebeau, Dick Lebeau would not survey.

“In addition to my son, it is my best experience for steel people.” Taylor said in a statement released by the steel man. “This is rare, and now in the hot age of this free player, it is only a team effective. It has this opportunity to explain many of them to me and my feelings for the team. I have not been cut off, I have not been dismissed. My contract expired, it is time to retire. If you want to have glory, this is the glory I have, can hit the contract. “

At present, it seems that the lions still trust Matthew Stafford as the four-point guard in the future, and Quin has reaffirmed the former of unintentional trading. So which team will negotiate with the lions worthy of attention.

“The higher the position in the draft, the soon it will negotiate,” Quin is in an interview. “I have not discussed the transaction with anyone. These discussions usually start in the corridor of the body measurement and then do it, we will see what will be made.”

Miami Dolphin, Los Angeles Lightning and Carolina Black Leopard may have the four-dimensional guards of the favorite of the paper, and the most likely candidates are the University of Alabama, four-dimensional Tu A-Tengo Valoa (TUA TAGOVAILOA).

General Manager of the Lion: Willing to trade the exploration of this year’s draft

Maybe Detroit Lion will not use the exploration of the flower sign to pick four-point guard, but in their location, you can choose one of the best quarters this year. This is why the probes in the hands of the lions may become a fragrant in the election day.

However, smart Gronoschi quickly saw this problem is that female reporters have seen him, so I will ask. The referendum of Gronoski also made a beautiful reporter feel shy, so she turned to the camera cute smile.


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