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External hand Https://www.Grigoraslawyers.ro/tuturor-participantilor-la-actul-de-justitie Brown and the front team friend Smith Shurus broke outBeijing April 8th Antonio Brown left Pittsburgh steel man, but he did not leave the tweet. Sunday, the front steel man took over and the previous teammates criticized each other.

Lightning is bad in this season, the first round of Xiu Melwen – Melvin Gordon is disappointing. They were still injured, and most of the teams of the team were absent from the injury, and the outer junction position was also impaired.

External Snnery: Faying with Vlaco is very goodAt the end of July 19, when the Crow Eating Project ended, Joe Flacco said that it is planning to organize training with the players before the training camp. This training program is held last week.

Now, Brown, joining the Auckland raid, first sent a sentence in Twitter, “Don’t show your emotions on the twitks.” Subsequent steel fans posted an external handover Zhu Zhu-Smith (Juju Smith-Schuster) ) Is a picture of the most valuable player of the steel man last year.

Several outer junctions and near-end front participated in the training, then reported to the team training camp in the US time on Wednesday. External connections in Willie Snead did not disclose the specific number of media, but he said it was quite harvest.

Tylesco said that the Six Assistant Trainer, including the offense coordinator, Frank Reich, in the team, is the decision of McCoo. He said lightning “To convert the point in the offense. We want to become more balanced.”

The hit Smith Schtht also added to the sip. He first use Brown’s own words “Don’t don’t show your emotions on the twitter.” Then he said: “Since I entered the league, I made love and respect. When he was traded to Auckland and got a big contract, I was really happy, and now he is in social media. Spray me? It’s too crazy. This has to attack people who love you! Smith Schutt then issued a picture of Mark-Temen: “Never quarrel with fools. The bystanders may not distinguish between you.” And said: “Shakehead”.

Tom Telesco, Tom Telesco, is extended to the 2017 season. The team announced this week that they will let McCay stay, 2016 original is his last year of his contract. Thalesco said on Friday: “Mike is a person we want to build a team around him.” McEawi obtained 22 wins and 26 losses in the three seasons of the lightning.

Ming Xiu met last season with a lottery, as a rookie passed forward, reached 21 times, was copied 6 times, and the team recorded 6-6. The Jaguji has announced this six-round show to serve as the first quarter of the season.

The Chief of Kansas City announced that they had already signed the free players. Rewis signed a 2-year contract with the chief, he only got a fundamental salary next year, and his income is not guaranteed.

“We trained it a few times last week and Qiao, I haven’t received the ball of Lamar Jackson, I don’t know how he did. But these days and Joe have to deepen our tacit understanding. It feels good for everyone. “

Wild Horse Inn, get Thomas by tradingOn the day of the transaction deadline, Denver Horse Increases a key transaction with Cleveland Brown. According to NFL official website reporters, the wild horses are very close to getting Brown Zowa, Joe Thomas, but in the end, this transaction is too high for brighter.

Americas Tiger will quit quarter Garden – Ming repair to join new crown reserves The US Tao is officially announced, including five players, including 4-point Delta, Mingshwe, have been added to the new crown reserve list.

It is worth noting that the chief that I want to enter the playoff will face the jet in the thirteenth week. Last season, his status is all, no longer has a young time, but his performance in the chief will depend on their defensive tactics.

Due to Ryan Clady and Thai-Sambrailo have reimbursed season, the offensive front line of the wild horse is disappointing. Although the team general manager John Elway is very active attempting to make up the strong line, the difficulty of completing the transaction in the middle of the season can be imagined.

Rewick is effective in jet, Tampawan pirates, and New England Patriots in 10 seasons, and completed the first 140 games. He has a total of 29 copies, 6 times forced the ball, 3 copies and attacks, and seven time to select a career bowl and win a super bowl of champion during effective patriots.

The chieftain may make Rewick as the security, which will make him more dependent on their intuition instead of speed. Regardless of whether Levis has excellent state, he is ready to reinvigorate his career.

The reporter explained: “The reasons for the failure of both parties have nothing to do, just unable to reach the same. Brown offers more than a first round of draft, the wild horses can’t accept.” On the other hand, Thomas’s salary issues in the next two years are also concerned. . Unfortunately, the final wild horse missed one of the best left-trials in this alliance.

Brown immediately pointed the spear to the former teammate. He turned over the old account and pointed out the mistakes of Smith Shist in the New Orleans Saint Competition last season. He wrote: “This goods funerally hopes in the most important competition in the whole year! Everyone is busy letting these players are famous, but they have no one care enough for these days! By checking the winners” (Note: Brown once 3 get the steel man MVP 3 times)


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