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According to the scoring system of PFF (Profootballfocus), Donald leads all the union defensive cuts in the total score. His performance is very all-round, contributed significant in rushing and anti-running, and the anti-racing score will also lead in the clutch position. At the same time, Donald completed 9 kills, in the middle of the defensive cut, second.

Steelman Brown with Twitter to Bell Sending Incentive Newsletter

Pittsburgh Steelman’s External Antonio Brown has recently sent a sensitive and motivated newsletter for his teammates to run Guiden-Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell).

The ram defensive cut Donald was rated as the best defensive new show

Just as the holy Louis male, Jeff Fisher predicted before the season, the alliance announced on Saturday, and the ram defensive cuta-Tang Donald was rated as this The best defenders in the season. This is also a defensive frontline player harvest this award in a routing session. Sheldon Richardson, from New York Jet, was awarded this award.

According to Bryter’s brokers, Bryant plans to receive depression assessment and treatment. And this may be the reason why he has violated the prescribed. According to the broker, Bryant missed many drug inspections. He was previously banned & mdash; & mdash; he was banned in four games due to many violations of alliance ban due to many violations of alliance ban.

Khalil Mack from the Auckland raid and C.j. Mosley (C. J. Mosley) is also a popular candidate for the award, but there is still a distance between the two people and Donald. In the early season, Donald’s play time is limited, but he sits in the first place cheap jerseys from china the 5th week, becoming the backbone of the Rambury defensive group. Although his body is a little short than other defensive front lines, his speed and strength is beyond everyone’s imagination.

Donald’s efforts and excellent performance, Donald, perhaps, perhaps, may be a place where they are the most talented defensive front line. He and Robert Quinn, Cris Long, and Michael Brockers will continue to have surprises to fans next season. There is no doubt that Donald is equipped with this award. He is the best defensive new show this season.

No matter what Bell’s idea is, it is obvious that Brown hopes that Bell has agreed with the team as soon as possible, start preparing for the 52nd super bowl. But Brown clearly needs to wait patiently because Bell’s contract is required to do it.

Steel people take over Brines face for a year

Pittsburgh steel people hope that there will be the opportunity to enter the super bowl next season, but this will become more difficult to do this without an external hand Martavis bryant.

This is no longer the first time that Wei Zhenti ruled the Thanksgiving, and after the two remembered it today, his Thanksgiving Day has reached 8 times in the record; in addition, he became a 10,000 yards A player (115 fields) used in the number of codes. The 30-year-old Wei Zhandian will continue to stay in Detroit, and we may expect him to increase the Thanksgiving reached the height of the two-digit number in the coming year.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported on Saturday According to the information report, the outer junction was banned because of the violation of NFL drug abuse regulations. The Alliance has not officially punished, but if he was banned Bryant, the affiliation will choose an appeal.

At present, Bell and steel people have failed to reach a long-term contract before July 17, and Bell has threatened that he hopes that he has the income of the alliance’s top running guard or the income of the league.

Thanksgiving Day and breaking two NFL records

In this year, the first game of Thanksgiving is only a person in Calvin Johnson. In the Detroit Lion, the Grrigo Bear’s game, Wei Zhentian can’t find any opponent, successfully brought 11 times to advance 146 yards Completed 2 times, helping the team won the game that could not be lost.

NFL TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that lightning has lost close-end Hunter, which has lost near-end Hunter-Henry (Jason Verrett) because of significant injuries. Safety Weijun – Watkins, Jaylen Watkins, showed the preceding cross ligament, so that the situation of lightning was frosted. At present, the team has placed Watekins into the injury reserve list.

If the Mike’s ankle has not recovered, he will give him a stupid behavior. That’s why there is a one-week break between the Super Bowl and the Federation. Everyone wants the best and healthier players to appear on the most important stage.

In the case of a total of 17 reachables in two seasons, Bryant’s value is difficult to replace the value of the steel person. We can look forward to walking in Antonio Brown and Markus Wheaton, Sammie Coates and Old Trien Daris – Haywood (Darrius Heyward) BEY) can play more important roles. The newly introduced front San Diego lightning near Tarrius Green also helped, but Bryant’s amazing movement ability is unsubstituted.


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