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In addition to the weighting of the opponent, Wenz said also hope to improve the problem of the ball. He has 16 times in the last season, ranking second in the alliance. Wenz also wants to make better performance in the Red District attack and the three-speed attack.

During the training camp, Lawrence and Ming Decoration alternately trained with starting lineup. Lawrence said: “Yes, we have a competition, but we are also teammates. I will be the best yourself, try to win the game. But the decision is not in my hand. I believe that the coaches, we all have the same team. Target is winning. “

Celebrity Tongyu: McCaverry is a powerful version of me

Christian McAffrey, Marshall Faulk and Roger Craig’s three people have a achievement: Single seasons are brought into thousands of code, There are no other people in NFL history.

“In the past two years, I have to deal with injuries and strive to come back from the injury,” Wenz said on Thursday. “This year, I can really get rid of injuries, strive to train in the gym. I am not very exaggerated in weight. But I definitely increase some weight. I feel really very for my current situation. satisfy.”

In the case of Mario Williams, Bill must have a creative defensive tactics in the case of injuries. The original Kyle Williams was considered to return this season. This injury made him absent the London game against the Jacksonville. After that, his situation did not change.

Defensive front line player Kyle Willia Williams revealed to reporters on Friday that he may be placed in the injury reserve due to the need to receive surgery for half a month. The 32-year-old Williams did not rule out the possibility of returning to the race.

Jihu coach: The first four-point guard is still not determined

It is only one month in the regular season, but the Jerban Meyer is still unwilling to identify the media to determine the first quarter-saving candidate.

Beckham is considered to be the best one in this generation of unique new show, he has not completed the ball in two consecutive presections. This is not worried about & mdash; & mdash; he will make your opponent to eat after the season, and if the first ball is in the face of Rewis?

The Philadelphia Eagle quarter-point guard again ended the season due to injury. However, in the last season, he was in the playoffs in the playoffs. It was shocking in the Seattle Eagle instead of torn like 2017 knees, and his back fracture is in 2018. He can take attention during this year. Placed on weight rather than rehabilitation.

However, it seems that another famous player doesn’t think so. Recently, the famous Hall of the famous Hall, Emmitt Smith, said in an interview: “I don’t recognize such choices to balance the strength, I think the team’s strength is from the ability of the rendex.”

McAfri brought 303 three seasons, the number of blessings in the Fuk career season was 63.9 times, and the number of times the number in the season was 87 times. He also completed the 1000/1000 feat in that year.

Ming repair is a six-round show in 2019, replacing Nick foles in the season of the season. His team recorded 6 wins and 6 losses, and the transfer rate of the pass rate was 60.6%, and the 3271 yard was promoted, reached 21 times, and was copied 6 times.

Bill coach Lex Ren (Rex Ryan wanted to give up this player who won 22 times in his three seasons before his team coach, as a coach who rely on the old leaders, he will Obviously I hope that Williams can continue to be closely linked to the team during recovery.

“I didn’t plan to play the ball,” Williams said to the ESPN. “I want to have a great point for the game, I have been evaluated because of the performance of the field. When I was present, I felt that I was very performed in the court. I didn’t have evaluated love it is what you have in my heart and mind. I still have a lot to be able to express. “

“Why don’t you want to face the best corner in the league? Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman), Rewis, Joe-Sea Joe Haden, “Beckham said.” This is what you have to do in the game … put yourself may be the best position to tell the best players, he is obviously the most One of the good corners. This should be a difficult challenge but I am looking forward to playing with him. “

Emite – Smith: Murray is not an eagle help

East Dallas Cowboy’s external hand Michael Irvin said in the early ranks, Philadelphia eagle was the best choice from Demarco Murray, which made the eagle have an advantage in Guandi.


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