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This is not an unexpected news that Miller has been protected by team tactics since the 3rd week of competition, reducing some of the top time. Carol pointed out other three near-end strikes & mdash; & mdash; Luke Wilson, Cooper Helfet, and Tony Moeaki, will start to bear More Offense Responsibility.

B. Linebacker responsible for the front region and the intermediate stadium field after the field; angle guard responsible for the outer region of the front (Flat); field regions outside of the security guard in charge of

Hawks close-up Miller is likely to be reimbursed seasonSeattle Haiwag came from Pete Carroll, told reporters on Wednesday, the team main proximity Feng Zak-Miller is likely to bid farewell to the ankle of the ankle from September this year. Season.

The pass of the sea eagle was originally laccked to pick up the ball in the long-distance force to prevent the ball. The hard-working procedural absence will make this situation soon. In addition, the Hawks have a shortage of offensive and defensive ends, and Carol is to invest them in actual combat, but the Hawks need to face the dead enemy San Francisco 49 in the next game. People, Arizona, Raolin, leading to the array partition.

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A. responsible midfield line position (Curl); the outer region of the front corner guard responsible field (Flat); security guard in charge of the short half-yard line to the rear edge up against the field.

In the 2 games of Vic, Brown only won 8 buses to advance 87 yards, compared to the first 3 games of 436 yards giant. Brown is still a positive representation: “Obviously our quarterfield is different, I think Vik is performed in accordance with the tactical arrangements, he tries to help the team win, do not make any mistakes.”

The bear coach Negior: very excited team to get a lot of night comments On July 14th, the Chicago Bear will begin the 100th NFL season in the golden time of the Golden Bay packaging in the golden time night.

Braddy will get $ 25 million in the new season, accounting for $ 283.75 million. In the case where many pirate players become free players in this year, cheap jerseys the pirates may continue to renewande in the short term to release salary space in the short term.

“So, when we worked in the city and Kansas City, I learned from (Andy), Andy Reid, you won’t want to be a team with a lot of 12 o’clock or 1 point. “Naji said to NFL TV network. “You will want to be as many nights as possible. We are very excited to have this treatment.”

After 10 years of assistant coach for Leid, Naji’s coach is impressive. Under him, the bear team has become the best level of the league from the league bottom, and the 12 wins and 4-dimensional performance and winning the national gains.

Breddy, of course, it seems to have been very happy last season, but many factors will determine his future, including whether he is willing to play at the age of 45. Breddy is also likely to have an entered the free player market next year.

“I often communicate with Tom. It may now be confidential. He obviously be very happy in the last season, winning the super bowl of champion. Like our team, like our coach, and the boss The same. Of course, we love him. Usually when you have this feelings … this will be the sky of the sky, so we want to continue this way. “


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