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Irsse also has three guitars used by Paul McCartney, George Harrison and John Lennon, which makes him to the media after the auction It said: “Finally, after 45 years later, the Beatles gathered again.”

Jones said: “People say Norman is very tough, I don’t like this statement. Don’t misunderstand me, he is of course a good player, but they have a lot of help from safety, Norman.” White added: “I don’t think he is a tough player. I will not spend energy on such a player.”

NBA Men's Golden State Warriors #35 Kevin Durant Black 2017-2018 Nike Swingman Rakuten Stitched JerseyThis week, the two teams will make a frontal hand, although the black panther has identified the first round of time round, the team still does not arrange the main wheel, at least before it is determined that the home of the season will not do so. Norman left unpleasant memories in the game competition, and he nature hoped to prove he again.

2. Indiana Pony

The pony has two close-end strikes, but the problem is the unstable offensive line, which makes Hart Sok a potential stock. And the former black panther coach is also in the small horse camp, and his relationship with Hartc is in Crolena. Pony may find a large piece, set a sharp line for the running guard.

In the pro Football Focus ranked last season, Hart Soches were pressed against other close-end strikes, ranked first. This is primarily based on his passive ball blocked, as well as an unstoppable sports ball.


The raid person was torn before the second grade close-up on Thursday, and now I need to find a large piece. Hartc didn’t have a ball last season, which could not help the raiders established a long-lasting advantage, but can fill the loopholes that cannot be compensated for other near-end.

Nfl Jerseys nearly 50 years classic campaign: the most brutal game

Speaking of the greatest team in the history of nfl jerseys, the only thing that can be comparable to the unbeaten dolphins in the 1972 season is the 1985 season of the Chicago bear team. The decisions of the bear regular season were selected for professional bowls, 11 people were selected for the best lineup, and the playoffs looked at the opponent in the playoff, and finally 46-10 easily defeated the patriot to capture the super bowl of the year. They achieve so grades, the most dependent on their daunting 46 defense (46 sources have nothing to do with the formation, from the buddy ryan created 46 defensive time team strong sidewall, Ryan strong security At the location of the line, let him play the role of the wire guard, making 8 people in Box). The 46 defense the earliest acquisition of everyone’s attention is the confrontation of this 1984 season and Los Angeles raid.

Falcon’s outer junction is considered Norman not tough

The conflict of Carolina Black Leopard Josh Norman and New York Giants Odell Beckham became the focus of recent fans. As the best angular guard in this season, Norman has been highly commented, but the Atlanta Falcon’s external connector combination Hulio Jones and Riddy White are obviously not thinking.

Adam Gase said that no players were bitten without players. Team star defense line player Ndam Kong-Suh said: “I am not a fans of a bee, I used to get a yellow protection suit around Jamaica, so I am not very afraid of them, but I I don’t want to be bitten by them. “

Miami Dolphin Mini Training Camp is disturbed by a hive

Beijing June 15th, in the 1980s, the Defensive Group of Miami Dolphins was called “Killer B & # 39; S”. The US time, the training of dolphins has been plagued by a group of bees.

In the 2012 season, Bris and team signed a contract for $ 100 million in contracts. In the fourth year of the next season, Brisse took 18.75 million basic wages, and the team salary has 26.4 million impact.

4. New York Jet

The head coach Hartc is very familiar, and he played 32 games in the jet fleet, and he was also played in the back of the back season in 2009 and 2010. Hart Sko as an older, you can help the jet of the jet to relieve the defensive pressure.

With the return of McMahon, the complete Chicago bear team finally got a super bowl, if the game McMahon was not injured, it is likely that the Super Bowl of the 84 season is a bear team, because of the 84 season’s metamorphosis 46 defense has already fired.

The team officially publicly rumors also let the fans eat the fixed pills. The 36-year-old Bris is still the top quad-saving quarter, and his performance is declined last season, but still completed the transfer of 4952 yards, pass successfully The rate is 69.2%. In the course period, the saints sent to the near-end Wild Graham and young and young, Henny Stills, while renewing the Marc Mark – Engram (Mark Ingram) ), And CJ Spriller incurred. This series of moves are considered a team of team tactical transformation, and experts believe that the Saints will transfer the offensive focus from pass to the ground next season.

David Humm played again, and his face seems to write “scare the urine”. As this is directly a Play, he passed the knee directly by his opponent, lying on the ground is always moving (Humm has been hit by Wilson. Several teeth).


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