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“I absolutely think that he has suffered too much that he has nothing to do with him,” Chris Godwin, recently said in an interview. “I think he is really a quarter-saving. Obviously, some things he do is taught, and some of his offense is not unwise.”

The backport players in the Motion are prohibited, “CRACK BLOCK” (external handle or other array players are projected from the offensive front line or next to the auxiliary blockage), even if he is less than 2 yards even if he kicks.

“There are many times, and I have been wrong. I made a mistake, running the wrong route or I can’t run to him, I feel that I will arrive, then your pass is copied, the ball is converted “” Golden said. “This is not just his fault. I feel that people who really understand the ball understand this & mdash; & mdash; quad-saving to suffer too much. Sometimes it will get too much praise. But this is The essence of this location. “

Ram defensive cutaway Alon – Donald participated in mandatory training camp

Beijing June 14th Aaron Donald has not yet signed a new contract, but the defensive cut off is no longer away from the team base.

Pirates take over Gordhe: quartz Wei Wanton suffers too many criticisms

Jameis Winston has been criticized because of 30 passes in the last season. But a pirate teammate of his pre-Tanpawan believes he has been treated unfair.

However, rugby is Troy’s favorite. In a high year, he got 430 yards in the position of the running guard, and then broke through the 1000-yard mark in the high school. The Douglas Football Team in 1996 did not taste the victory, Troj was selected as the best offensive player of the alliance. Troje’s performance even strongly over his performance in the offensive group, as a tourist, he had a speed and intuition, so that you can complete the Cover-2 defense alone (Translator Note: Generally, Two security guards are required for Cover-2 defensive firing. In addition, he can also complete an unusual and fierce raid, and even once because of the intensity of the opponent is too strong, it is impulsive (there is no further foul in the actual rules).

In 2009, Troy understood the defending of the defending in the most painful way. In the game, Troy sprained the knee in Troy, leading to the annual reimbursement of 2009. Lost Troy, the steel people lost the next two games, but after returning to Troy, the team regained the victory gesture and completed the first half of the season with 6 wins and 2.

At the 10th week, when the tiger team was again injured, Troy was again injured, and the score of the steel people fell sharply, and lost the qualifications of the playoffs. When the season, Troy only completed five games, but when he was healthy, he still had a 3-time copying.

Troy’s basketball is also very good. Because he is always mixed with the expressions, he can compete with the elderly children. Bitroe is 5 years old, and later became the cheap Nfl jerseys From china to abandon the player’s performance memory to Troy in the basketball game, he said that “this kid” is the most powerful athlete he has seen.

Winston got 5109 yards last season, ranked first, but at the same time became the first single season passed the first single season to get 30 times of 30 times. 30 passers-talented colors were column seventh.

When receiving an interview recently, Aliis criticized Winston to step up in the last two games last two games, when he was copied 6 times. Aliis also said that there is approximately 10 cases of copying from 10 times last month, but also said that he loves him, but it hates him.

Donald is only $ 1.8 million in the new season. The ram did his fifth annual contract option, which would make him play a race to the 2018 season. Both sides hope to sign a new contract before that, which may be completely depends entirely on the contract of Trumaine Johnson.

According to Ian Rapoport, “If the ram can sign the new contract with Johnson, it may be able to release half of the salary space, even more, which will make them with Alon – Donald signed the contract. Donald and the ram have been working hard to negotiate a new contract. But although he participated in the training camp, cheap Jerseys there was no indication that both parties were close to the consensus. This is a long process. “

General Manager Les Snead has always said that Donald should get a big contract during this year. Snide said in May, the contract negotiation has entered the stage of “serious negotiation”. However, there is currently no longer let Donald have become one of the highest defensive players with the alliance’s salary.

After the Patriots team, the Steel Hadman paired the jet in the Federation of Federation. One month ago jet team is reversed the steel people on this site. The performance of the steel people in the middle of the steel person is almost perfect. Their defensive groups continue to raise the jets of the jets, so that the jet team cannot attack Troy’s site. At the end of the first half, the Steel Strong team has achieved a huge lead in 24 to 3.


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