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Green Bay Packaging Corner Wei Sam – Hillz (Sam Shields) is listed as “difficult”, cut off David Bakhtiari, near-end, Justin, Perillo, Line Wijron Elliott, defensive DRODC – Datone Jones is listed as “doubt”.

Interestingly, the Alliance issued a drug inspection notice for Venati, after the end of the game. The alliance means this is a random sampling, not to determine the team’s performance. Just in this case, Vinai Jeather is required to receive drug inspections, which is inevitable to let the fans will watch. Pat mcafee has jokes in his social media: “When you have been 40 years old, you can easily hit 53 yards, like a drug inspection. It’s inevitable. “

For Viking, the adverse effects of losing Laudhhot are self-evident, especially for ADRIAN Peterson, which is a strong returning. After Laudhoven, the 4-renex of the 4-renex of this year was replaced by his position.

Since the season, Vanatiyeri has tried a total of 35 free kicks, only 1 goal is missing. When he faced the tiger, he 4 penalty, once again proved that even if it was 42 years old, he is still one of the best players in the league.

“Not what I want to blow, but I am indeed his first person.” McCoo said, “I have experienced similar things, so I compare him, although I was traded. But Regardless of the transaction, only the information is only conveyed: you are not good enough. “

“I understand his feelings. He hurts, I have played with him, knowing that he is in the locker room, knowing how he helps him. So I have begun to try to pull him. If it is not too late to come true surprise.”

After the pony kicks the ball, it was asked to conduct a drug inspection.Indianapolis pony kicker Adam Vinatieri is a 53-yard free kick in the outer card of Cincinnati, which has created free kick after the horses. The longest distance. The 42-year-old veteran will still maintain an unimaginative state of it, and his stable performance has repeatedly helped the team in critical moments.

Jackson told reporters: “I really have this idea, and repeat it several times with him, I can be in the game, I can go to the field, no matter what he lets me. Focus on the defensive group and the attack, but if he allows I tried it, I will be very happy, the firepower is full. “

The ability of Laudhhot is commendation, and the 2013 team has reached a contract with him for a four-year contract worth $ 25 million. During the validity of Viking, Laudhhot first sent 89 games, but it was troubled by injuries in the past year. Last season, he once because chest muscles were absent from 5 games.

Jackson also turned off the offensive group during the college, in three seasons, he completed 39 games and 15 shots. Last season, he also participated in the five-stage offense, became the first eight games in Mike Renfro (1966 season), but also completed at least 50 yards. .

Titan Horn Jackson intends to try to attack off-attack groupsNew show season, Tamato, Adoree & Rsquo; Jackson, Participate in the defensive number of alliances, second, second only to the original Lique safe, Tyran-Matthew (Tyrann Mathieu). His role does not need many characters, from the inside to the outside, and then go to the kick attack, defense and the live group live. Now, the arrival of Mike Vrabel has made Jackson a new idea, he wants to try the offensive group.

Viking people first cut the right trip to the Laudhodhro tendon injuryThe Minnesota Viking people suffered significant losses in a preseason in a preseason in the local time. In the face of Tampawan pirates, Viking people Arrange Phil Loadholt as a first right. According to NFL official website reporters, Laudhoven was injured in the game and finally ended in advance. His situation looks very bad, and it is necessary to take the help of the car to return to the locker room.

Dolphins apologize for their own celebrationsIn Miami Dolphin 15-34, after the Kansas City chief, Dolphin took over Brian Hartline because he completed the celebration after the third quarter, and became popular on the twenty. At that time, Hattland completed a vital to the ball, helping the team to divide nearly 10-14. But Hatlands after completion of the completion, and made a golf pusher action on the edge of the end area. Teammike Mike Wallace, Ryan Tannehill and Dallas Thomas have joined this celebration. Then the dolphins were also sentenced to 15 yards for foul because the team celebrated.

Hatlan said: “This is stupid. I know that the coach coach is angry. I made a mistake. I didn’t realize that I have to recognize the problem now.” If the dolphin won the game, maybe no one accountant more than these 15 yards. . But now the team is defeated, and there are 19 points for 2 consecutive games, and the mistakes are unlimited in the dilemma.

It is this 15 yard, helping the chief to complete the decline, 21-10 leading dolphins. Since then, the dolphins can no longer be brought close to. After the game, Hatlan felt very guilty, and hoped to get a teammate’s understanding: “The fact is like this, I have learned a lot from the middle school, I made a mistake.” Hatlan also mentioned that this celebration is improper, Cheap Jerseys this celebration is impromptu. He didn’t expect it to become a group celebration. Of course, the Dolphin Lord Joe-Fisin is very unhappy: “I can’t find any excuses, I am very disappointed. I am very disappointed. This is not common to us, we haven’t made this before. Error. This is very bad. “


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