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Bryant said: “I will play. It is not necessarily for cowgirl, fans, hey, I want to play, so I will cherish all opportunities. I will try to do the team asking me to do, do the best yourself, Contribute to all possible ways. Even if it is given four-point guard, give the running guard, pointing to the young quadrant. I just & hellip; & hellip; I miss the game. “

In the game, Viking is once a 20-point, but then the Walsh kicks the Dianda in the end of the half, which makes the red skin only at 14-20, and the gap between the score can be pulled backwards. This is just the latest in Wallshi’s more concern.

Kubiak said: “For the coach, how to use him is a problem that is a hurtful brain. Because you don’t want to push the player into a environment that makes him feel uncomfortable. So we will only pay attention to him I feel good, in front of such a tough game, any decision will be very difficult. But he is eager to help the team, he also has the ability to do this. He is eager to participate in the game, he will come together in a week. “

The 26-year-old Lambo has been lighting for lightning over the past two seasons. The 64th clicks have completed 52 times, and 78 sets of additional points attempts were completed 70 times. In this year, he failed to defeat the kick hand in the competition (YOUNGHOE KOO) was thus cut off by lightning. Lambo’s shot success rate (81.2%) in the past two seasons (81.2%) is slightly lower than Miles’ shot success rate (82.8%) in 2015 and 2016, but the Jabu hopes that this change will allow them to remain in this season. There is a more stable performance in playing in the game.

The championship has been played in the second half of the next half, but he may really become the most “water” of the history from Goff’s courage, judgment, hand. Brown take over Coleman is like a headless flies, few stable play, I hope will meet better quarterback next season. Darong-Li may be a worse person in the Golden generation of Ohio, and smaller body shape is extremely effective in implementing raid punch. 49 people used the first round to select the striking petroleum Garnett, and found that this person discovered that it is difficult for this person to meet the standards and requirements of the occupational alliance. In fact, it can also find a little, a rotten team is not only difficult to win, but it seems to be questioned on the choice of a rookie. Pirates have used the times to choose to play the ballaica, as if each time I accidentally happen, the pirate fans have hanging, the young man is the most praise before the draft is the stability, but after entering the alliance, it is precisely it is Lack of parts.

The Wall this season misses 4 times, the additional shooting door is the most alliance, and he still has 4 anygs of shooting. Of course, his trouble from last season’s playoffs in the playoffs in the season, 27 yards, orchically, the Haiying 10-9 will start.

Kuboyi wants Davis to play an important roleVernon Davis will usher in the first show of the transfer of Denver’s wild horse this week. The head kubiak, Gary Kubiak, is full of experienced close-end, and he revealed after the team training on Friday, and Davis will become an important part of the wild horse offense.

In the chaos, he has also taken the hero. In this season, the head of the trend of this season has also take his head, jumping out of the world’s big jump. The Melon West and Guiliandong District became the most strong partition of the respective alliance, almost included “Double external card. After the raid, the dolphins were separated from 7 seasons, and the doubles were killed in the season. The fans of the ocean were suddenly tearing. Cowboy And the two old bodies of the giants, the Qianlian East District, and the silence killed in the season, especially the “small ghosts”, stabilized the impact of the whole party tremble. Leaders just mature pirates and Titan, also Almost squeezed the last train of the playoffs, the rejection of the new promotion of the rivals will not be reversible.

In addition, the list of Brown staff is also available: check the defensive front line Tharen – Hallmos (Tyrone Holmes) and the outside Jordan Leslie to the training lineup. From the training lineup to defense defenders, Najee Murray and Channing Stribling.

In this season, I made the following forecasts to Elio: “I should not have problems with the best offensive group, and he should compete for the best offensive player.” I didn’t think that the prediction of fear is actually true, but also relying on the cover of gold offensive frontline, even Prescott and Elliott Dualistic Motor MVP! The first half of the road is the first Jordan Howard, the first half of the Jordan-Howard, has also become the iconic character of the bear rebuilt. Titan’s Conflucked all the number of times, the pass protection and pavement cover is the first class of the alliance, which is the first right of the league, cheap Nfl jerseys from china the game style, and even see the shadow of Jack – Long. The only defensive player Joe Yo Boza, in the future, the future can become an unscrupulous restriction, but it is basically full of comprehensive defensive people in all front lines, and even become JJ Watt. Siabar. Finally, if it is not high to open, the maturity explosion table is a show, Canceton, Wenste, should enter the red list.


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