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Last season, Elliot was completed 1631 yards, just a little bit from the best record of the rookie single season. But his vectors are still more attractive to people, including the disputes with the former girlfriend, a small car accident after the playoff last year, and the woman’s bra hai event.

One is the little horse line Wei Edwin Jackson died of a car accident. The second is that the Hawks defending the Front Front Frank Clark is two compared with the father’s yin and yang because of the fire that happened in Wriefland.

Mason said: “I am very surprised at the time, because I think I did a good thing last year, then I think this choice is a replacement.” Now Mason has some time to deal with everything in the season, maybe this will let him It feels better.

It is revealed that the impressions such as packages and 49 people. In recent years, their records continue to fall continuously, except for coach problems, mediocre drafts are absolutely unsained. All in all, the draft is related to the future of rebuilding the team.

Elliott will have a voluntary training camp for two consecutive days.

Dallas Cowboy’s Runwiqi Jie Ezekiel Elliott is a car accident on Sunday. This has led to his absence of a voluntary training camp for the team for 2 consecutive days.

2015 & mdash; & mdash; Brown selected three signs in the first 51st position to choose the defensive tip over Dani-Shelton, offensive frontline Camelon – Eros and rushing hands in the interior – Ochad, now Three people have left Brown, but they have not proved their price at the time at the other team.

The alliance estimates about 600,000 people to the scene

Beijing April 29, maybe the first night’s ratings have fallen by 2 percentage points, but this may be because these losses are going to the scene.

This data may have moisture without an accurate digital statistical method. According to the local government, there are 200,000 fans in the first night, and 200,000 fans will be found on the next day, but the fans in the third day have a lot less. However, given the third day, the draft lasted for an afternoon, maybe the 200,000 fans will work in the fans of each stage.

It is reported that Elliot is a passenger in a car accident, but it has not been hurt, but the head has encountered an impact. Cowboy does not support this recent offensive new show that last year to participate in the team’s training.

This week’s game, when Cleveland’s 23rd & mdash; & mdash; Demolius-Randel completed the copy, immediately handed the ball to the get out of class, and quickly took the leader Jackson, the leader of the tiger. Jackson, this move You can understand that Landel is missing about Jackson, but it can also be understood as the “tuning” of Jackson. Of course, Brown team completed Jackson’s “Weiye” & mdash; & mdash; two consecutive victories in front of Jackson, the two consecutive victories.

Executive Vice President / General Manager from Tom Hector to Michael – Lombard to Lei – Fa Mer and Sassi – Brown, the election of the vision is poor than a difference, unable to get younger junjun from the election, and the future The core of the team (especially quadruping) is the most core problem of this team in recent years.

2014 & Mdash; & mdash; itself holds four signs, completed the Shuxue of the transaction, but the eight signs, but only got only in the league three-year ball, Justin Gilbert . As for the second first round, Brown, which urgently needs four-point guard, has selected Johnny Manzel that everyone avoided, then the person proves that no matter on the spot or the field, he is not a qualified profession. Players.

In addition to the above two problems, Brown is also facing the third big problem: there is no flower. The 2015 season Brown is disappointed only to play 3 wins and cheap jerseys from china 13 losses, and then in the second year, they encountered a big blood, and the players who have expired in multiple contracts did not want to renew with the team. They didn’t avoid the expression of their true. Idea: “Brown is too rotted, I want to find a job that can win.” From the three spring of that officer, they have almost no professional bowl players, the only exception is already can’t play Robert Griffin II, the rest of the big name and star players are almost all relying on trading. Unless Brown gives a unable to reject a super contract, it will not be willing to take the initiative to come to Cleveland. This team is like a desert, and winning is like oasis and water sources.

Brown has only 34.0% of the three-speed conversion rate (the fourth countdown in the alliance), and the overall defensive field is lost 415.4 yards (the league countdown second), a total of 102 yellow flags (alliances), four additions Only win the next game, plus coach and offensive coordinators have taken lessons, Wholesale Jerseys this team seems to have a lot of questions, four-fold five cracked, but countless problems, we can see some hope.

“Stable” selection creates the rise of the record

If you are paying attention to NFL in the last decade, you must have a deep impression: Brown, raids and the three big winds of the Jagua are called the Menren “three do not fall the monument”, focus on the warmth of ten years, It is rarely returned to the team that they handed over, but in recent years, the raidists and the American tiger have throwing Brown to kill the playoffs, what are they relying on?

& mdash; & mdash; 2014 election conference, raid people picking Karlier Mark and Derk Carl in the first two rounds, after several years of construction, the raid will return to the season;

& mdash; & mdash; The Jasper is the first three rounds of Jay Ramse, Miles-Jack and Yarnick-Encrend, in the first three rounds of 2016, plus the first round of 2017 The selected Runner-Frand, eventually created the ranking of the Iron Army last year.


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