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“My knee feels very well,” Bradford said when I was interviewed by the team official website. “I did because I was struggling last year, and I was one of my spirits at the lowest in my spirit. I can’t Calm down. But after November, I accepted my position and started to make adjustments. I feel much. “

NFL and Braddy are difficult to achieve solutions

According to informed people, wholesale nfl jerseys has changed their conditions for Tom Brady to resolve their lawsuit on Tuesday. They said they will not be in the conclusion of Bradi’s conclusion in Braddy’s investigation reports. A solution is reached with Braddy. NFL did not comment on this message on Wednesday.

According to Wholesale Nfl jerseys NetWork reporters, Mike Garafolo and Tom Pelissero reported that giants gave up four-point Wei Weibo, which will allow Alex Tanney and Kyle. – The main substitute position in the Kyle Lauletta competitor.

Bradford passed the carptone inspection, confident knee is innocent

SAM Bradford passed the Sagquard medical examination, officially signed with the team. Although the history of knee injury is referring to, Bradford is confident, so that he is not a problem in the calendar of the absent last season.

Harris will be the first to face the Jets on October 15. Most Jets fans will be in addition to wearing a jersey than he was accustomed to green. Although Harris picked a new team, but if it is decided by his words, he had to retire will effect for the Jets.

Previously, Mrman judges demanded that both parties met to solve this, the last time was on Tuesday, he asked the two sides to have more “goodwill” discussions. He arranged for the second time I heard the results of both parties next Wednesday. If both parties have not negotiated solutions, he was requested by both sides asking for a ruling before September 4.

Wednesday morning Goodell and the league accepted the case of lawyers and Judge Richard – Berman (Richard Berman) meet, at the end of the meeting Houbuleidi Goodell and his five lawyers to meet with Berman. Subsequent judges listened to both parties.

In 2012, the first round of Sinnati was selected by the Cincinnati Tiger, in 2016 as a candidate player. He played 72 games in the five seasons of the Tiger Tiger, including 71 games. In recent seasons, he is one of the best inner front line players in the league. Last season’s professional football focused network score, he was divided into the total score and passed-to-shizing score in the strike. Sixth and first.

Wei Bo is an unexpected message. He is a giant’s three-round sign, but the rookie season is basically on the scene, watching Eli Manning playing. I thought that the Weibo is Manning’s successor. After all, his arm is sufficient, it looks very promising. And the giants took away Saquon Barkley in this year’s draft this year, and did not select quad-saving.

For example, Aaron has now begun to master the skills of “not to see”, and Brett has been doing this. He has a state of “I want a knife”, trying to quickly pass the ball into any small window, this is Brett. Aaron and Brett ideas are the same, and he has to do better. Aaron is not to be Brett, he is going to exceed Brett. Everyone in us is like this, you don’t want to be someone, you are going to transcend someone.

As for Zeteler, he added Brown in 2017 with a $ 5 million contract. He was originally a player who occupied a salary space this year ($ 12.4 million). Coincidentally, Friday is just the 28th birthday of Zeller, and the Brown official account expressed his birthday blessings in the twice, and now he will be traded from.

The former New York Jets linebacker was waived former club in June 6. Despite his career in the first 10 seasons for the Jets effect, he did not hesitate when the opportunity to join the Patriots, after two weeks and they signed a two-year contract.

In the second round of the 2007 draft Harris has been selected as the starting middle linebacker jets. He only missed one game in the last eight seasons. His performance has been very stable, even at the age of 33-year-old last season, he has 62 solo tackles ranked team first.

Fernology joined the giants in 2016, $ 84.75 million, but injuries restricted his play. In the past two seasons, he has missed the 9 games in the past two seasons, and he has never lacking the game in 5 seasons in his career.

All of this is starting in the Training Field and Video Research Room, and there is a bond between these local four-defense and external junctions, and the two must be synchronized, so the relationship between the two is also very important.

After startup, I quickly ran to the center, and then turned back to the face. Favre passed down to this small gap. At that time, my palm was in my hand, I took it, I took the Brett bullet ball, I can do, my buddy!

For defensive players, if the other party goes back to watch the ball, then you see his expression changes, this is the signal you should reach out. But Randy never gives the other party’s opportunity, his expression will not change, he will lift his hand in the last second to pick up the ball, one, the defenders have no chance.


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