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Haiying Field Washing Code Rank Rank League 21, only 97.6 yards. The rookie runs to Kieson (Chris Carson) 93 yards in the second week, but the fourth week after the leg injury was injured in the injury reserve list.

Cleveland Brangnikikikiki (Nick Chubb) became the best offensive player of the United States. In the game competition, his punch performance helps the team in the 40-25 defending partition opponent Baltimore Crow. The second grade running guards gave 165 yards 3 times. He has helped Brown’s leading in the 2nd Red District of the third quarter, and his 88-code battle in the fourth quarter helped the team to lock the victory. This is the first time I got the best honor for the first time.

Jacksonville American Tiger Kicks, Josh Lambo, has become the best special team player in Mei Week. In the 26-24 defeated Danfo wild horse, Lambo helped the team won 14 points, and all of the hitting a split door and any ball shot, including 33 yards before the end of the game.

New England Patriots Line Well – Kyle Van Noy became the best defensive player of Mei Week. Vanoi plays a key role in the defensive war of Patriots and Buffalo. He obtained 8 hugs, 2 kills and 2 times forced the ball. The Patriot 16-10 wins.

A defensive front line In addition to Cameron – Jordan and Juniel – Garyte, like Aquim Hicks and Brodrick – Bankeley retreats clearly, only fantasy is like 4 people on the previous season. Very difficult, focus on the defense, let them go more unwilling to put the force to raise, so the result of the vicious circle is that the defense of the saints is extremely loose, except for the main court to show some hardness, other competitions each other I am very happy to receive a “win investigation” at home.

“Lenard obviously played out for us. I really expect him to play the best performance.” Malone said. “I think there are two things in NFL to make you play the best. One is to create competition, and one is that you enter the last two years. You want to make sure you will stay in this alliance for a long time, the whole The goal is to get a second contract. I think Ryade will become a really powerful player in the team. “

Woods and Kapu pushed 2295 yards and ranked fourth in the league external combination. The top three is Chris Godwin and Mike Evans (2490), Michael Thomas and Jared Cook (2430), Amali – Cooper and Michael Purip (2296).

According to my previous idea, the Saints will win all 8 home games, and then won half of the 8 guests, and finally will win the 12-winning regular season record, the result is that I am too stupid, I am too high. Estimated the scene of the saints, they first were killed by falsemen in the away, and then continue to be killing in Cleveland, plus today to be a latch, in fact they defeated without Adrian Pitters Matt – Cassel and Brandon – Fusko’s Viking is also a thousand difficulties, the combat capacity and status of the saints should be hit a big question mark.

Attack front line lost big bra, cowboy introduced Henry Melton, Jeremy-Mingxi and others as completion, then introduced a large number of base salary players as a rotation, now denim light is 11 people, this figure shows They have already played the front line rotation in this season. This result is that although the pavement defense still does not get colors, Melton, Mingxi and the new promotion of the first Hair Tailorford play a pretty pretty rushing Data, the replacement also occasionally flash, the biggest concern actually arranged smoothly in the coach group, and had to make a smoothness of Rhode Mary.

The ram is the only team that has two ends that have been completed at least 90 times and advancing at least 1000 yards. Kapp completed 94 shots last year, pushed 1161 yards, reached 10 times, and Woods completed 90 battles, pushed 1134 yards, reached 2 times.

Before the regular season, I predicted that Dallas denim will get 3 wins and 13 negative records in this season, and the raft of the raft, but the saints not only win 12 wins and 4-losses. And eventually, he will kill four squares to hold the dramati trophy. Today, I have already regretted today. Cowboy now completed the goal of winning the winning of them, and the saints can also lose a “goal”, so for me, cowboy and saints should be completed in the fourth week of regular season, ” The most surprising team “and” the most disappointable team. ” Next, I said that the two teams “brighten the dog eyes”:

Jihu coach: Estabard Gunette will be very motivated in the new season Jacksonville American Tiger chooses the fifth year of the Leonard Fournette. However, in the team’s coach Doug – Malone (Doug Marrone) seems to be a bad thing.

Tampa Bay Pirates Quartz Winston became the best offensive players in cheap jerseys From china, and he led the team’s 55-40 to defeat Los Angeles ram. Winston passed the ball in the game to get the new high 385 yard 4 times. Although he has passed the opponent and returned to the opposition to the arverse, he has achieved 120.5 quarter-bare royalties. This is his third four-point guards in this season. This is he won this honor since the first week of 2016.


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