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However, the chief did not completely rule out the possibility of returning to Houston in regular season. Houston began his 2016 after the training of injury after injury on Friday, and the chief put him as a possibility.

Edwards broke out in the middle of the season. In the past 6 weeks, he had two-point guards in the past 6 weeks, causing opponents to prince. During this time, Mark also completed 19 times. As the ground defensive core, Williams is under his leadership, and the raid guard in the past month is lost 3 yards. We have reason to believe that the raid will continue to make progress.

The final lion in this game lost to the crow 20 to 44. At present, the Lion’s record is 6 wins and 6 losses. If Stafford can return as soon as possible and find a sense of feeling, the team also rushed to the shuttle in the playoff.

Assassinist coach: will establish a defense

Jack Del Rio Jack Del Rio expects the team’s defensive group to grow one of the most dominant defensive groups of the Alliance. Last week Khalil Mack completed 5 kills, let the fans began to pay attention to the growth of this young team.

This game Braddy completed 30 passes to promote 286 yards 2 reachabiz 0 copies, helping patriot’s total records of 9 wins and 2 losses, next Sunday, the game of Los Angeles ram, Braddy, Braddy, Mandid Ning’s total winners record.

“I have to re-adjust my helmet, then this is actually closed, so I am almost the ball that is invisible,” Watson said. “But I roughly expect him to run, then make adjustments, guide the ball with my arm. I saw this attack until the game. I lie there, I heard the audience crazy celebration, I know we score NS.”

Watson then let the team staff check the eyes on the field, but there is no attack after the team. He later appeared in the last wave of attack and helping the team to get 3 first attacks. Watson has successfully achieved 28 yards and 1 time after the eyes were played in the eyes.

Hilio Jones is a multi-height star in high school. This is unpleasant; the high school period as a member of the school basketball team, Hulio Jones once proud of another Alabama: Durgu Schzins, Jones claimed himself.

The Houston Texas people four-point guard in the team 27-24 defeated the fourth end of the Auckland raid, was kicked in the eye, which caused him to completely see the eyes. But he quickly adjusted the helmet and perfectly passed the ball to the near-end Darren Fels (Darren Fells) helping the team leaded.

In order to deal, I will choose the sign of Hurio-Jones. Atlanta gave up the 27, 59, 124 bits of the 2011 election conference, and the first round of the first round of 2012, a total of 5 signatures to transaction Hilio Jones. Of course, the final result is worth it.

Del Rio said: “My door is moving forward, we have to build a defense of the rule. We have completed some work, showing some active signals, I am sure we will succeed, the only problem is when it is successful.” Mark At present, the leading league is a powerful competitor that is considered to be the best defensive player. In addition to him, the new show, Mario-Edwards, Dan Williams, is also the cornerstone of the team defensive team.

Kansas City Emirates Houston Regression Training

A few weeks ago, there was a report that Justin Houston will not return to the competition before the end of the routine season, the knee injury, who has been lacking since the twelfth week.

Houston may eventually be played on this weekend, but on Friday regression training for him in the season, it means a big step in the right direction. If the chief defeats the Auckland raid, Denver is overwhelmed by San Diego lightning, they may still win the Messian West District champion, but they will not be higher than the third seed, so they can’t be empty in the first round.

Hilio-Jones never had such an experience. After graduating from high school, he is considered to be the best external connections across the country. After joining the University of Alabama, he became the first to take the first year of the school’s first in the season. Everyone knows.

Do you say that Hu Rio will not mind “Mombao” called this? Maybe in addition to their own deceptions, Hurio may accept: “She (my mother) is very strict, but she just hopes that I can make a mistake. I am from a block filled with violence, porn and drugs. There is such a strict mother to ensure that I can use my talent in the right direction. “

In Alabama’s Freigh High School, Jones took over to take over the top of the team, this is not surprising; however, in the defensive group, he is not defending defender, but a defensive end! Think about it, probably because his long arm is easy to pass!

[Star Guide] # 5: Hurio-Jones’s 8 sides, do you know?

This season, cheap nfl jerseys from china is so many, is it a player who appreciates? Take a look at the chasing guidelines of the monks, just eight, help you find a desirable star!

After the announcement of the draft selection conference, Hilio Jones participated in the rookie sports training camp. Training camp Tri Jones took out the farthest jump performance in all people, and the third good 40-yard score, and this is still doing in the case where his right foot is not heal.


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