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Since the body shape before playing the orthogon is thinner, it has spent a lot of energy in the initial period in improving the level of power, and the gym has become the most attendance of the number of attendance per week.

In the first two rounds of 64 pick, 13 have been selected, set up an wholesale nfl jerseys record. The previous record is 12 people in 2014. The players at the time include Cleveland Brown Elima Little Odel Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry, Tampa Bay Mike Evans and Green Bay Packaging Entry External Takers Extraordinary – Adams (DAVANTE ADAMS).

Since Keith Lamont Scott, KEITH LAMONT SCOTT, US Tuesday, in the conflict with the police, the public security of the entire North Carolina has problems, and people have started a lot of parade and demonstration.

Titan player skeptical to the retired defensive endBefore the NFL defensive end, the capacity of Jared Allen’s arrested four-point guards. In the 12 seasons, he was selected for 4 times, a total of 136 killing, ranking history 11th.

In this year, the first round of this year, Henry Ruggs III became the first selected plus, next is the 15th Jerry Jeudy, Jerry Jeudy, the 17th Xidi Ceedee Lamb. In the first round, there are 6 EGEs, Jalen Raegor, Jalen Raegor, Justin Jefferson, Justin Jefferson, and Block 25. Brandon Aiyuk.

Last season, 7.5 killing, the first outside of the ranking is particularly valued in the training time of Allen’s guidance. He said: “We have seen some recording together, his analysis and technology The review is very thorough, in which 60 minutes, I have learned a lot. “

Bill’s defensive cutauna said: “I am looking forward to and patriotic games, I hate Braddy is not at attack group, if we win, then win, but I will not It feels that we defeated Braddy. I like to face Braddy’s feeling, I have been facing him for many years, I will look forward to meeting the second time next season. “

use this opportunity,

Everyone is welcome to join Hangzhou fish eagle.

Take the fire in your heart together!

We are waiting for you in the newbie!

Sina Weibo: @ 州 鱼 美 橄

Micro signal: hangzhou_osprey

The earliest touched football is an anime called light speed 21 in high school. This anime has a getting awareness of the rugby and some videos seeing online, but because Hangzhou has not had this movement circle, There is no real contact.

Until the university graduated, he was unintentional to search for the keywords such as “Hangzhou Rugby” online. The accidental discovery of Hangzhou has a group of more than a dozen people. Later, there have been many people in the group. This is The predecessor of Hangzhou fishing eagle.

The new coach Michake, Mike Vrabel, said: “Anything that can help the player is a good thing. We know that he can benefit the team and players, so they invite him to participate here to participate in a pair of training, help teach Specific location. I think that his existence is the key to helping players. “

[I, olive] I am preaching, although the flame is small, I have to ignite repeatedly.Hello everyone, I am the 24th player of Hangzhou Fish Eagle, in the court, in the court, the Football, playing football for 5 years. Currently engaged in the Internet related work in Hangzhou.

Sunday’s game will be the challenge of the Black Panther to meet the Challenge of Minnesota, because this is another incident with the police shoot, perhaps this week’s game we will see more people who have a singer singer.

2016 season regular season 6th week night tether @ 红雀The battle of the sixth week of the regular season will be done between a pair of hard brothers. The New York Jets and Arizona Red Scotto in the last season are very unreasonable. Will this game become a watershed this season?

Arizona’s red squat quarterly Kassen-Parmimen season has fallen seriously, and the last game is because of the brain shock, this wheel can still be doubtful. The 80% offensive David-Johnson and Lari-Fitzgelad is still the two major weapons of the Rushtar, and these two have received a variety of Vantrai players. Come and see the red scitch defensive group, has become a veteran defensive end Gale-Campbell got 2 kills, 1 safety division and 1 copy of the 49 people last week. This is also the second player single and 1 safety division and 1 copy of the second player after the official data is included in the official data in 1982. (The first player who won such data is the front crow and patriot line Wei Aedales – Thomas.)

Although the main force of the New York jet is sometimes none of Ryz Patrick’s “Magic”, but he has an external hand of “Does Not moving such as Mountain”, Marshall, in the 11 games in his past There are more than 100 yards in 7 games. In the 21 games of his effect jet, he won 16 passes to reach. The defensive end jet also has a new role of “invading such as fire” & mdash; & mdash; defensive end peak Leonard Williams, this second-grade player has a blowout in the season. In his 10 games in his past, he won 7.5 times and killed twice. One of them was killed and 1 time to make the ball was done when the Pittsburgh steel man was facing last week.


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