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The latest news is a seven-round sign in the wrapped work, almost free from the chief to run 卫 卫尔 – Davis, believe me, two weeks later, the bloody rain of the deadline, this is just the beginning.

It is difficult to believe that this game has not been banned in the contract of Cam Newton, but we believe that the team management has hoped that the player is in the basketball game and the bicycle competition, or the brain shock is not in the inflatable. Fracture in the bubble.

Crows defensive end knocked two consecutive days absent training

According to local media reports, Baltimore Collus defensive end of Chris Canty has missed the team’s training in a row of the ankle injury.

Robs Gronoski travel to Barcelona

The rest of the stars in the offset season always spectats. The patriot is approaching the close-up of Rob Gronkowski recently to Barcelona to enjoy the Barcelona game.

But this does not mean that he will absent this weekend and the Houston Triace. All 80% should depend on the situation at the local time on Friday, and the thinning in the past three weeks is satisfactory. I was hugged in 13 times, and I’m afraid of my wrist infection in three games.

Come to Baltimo, Smith, hosted new students, although he would attack his opponent from time to time, but he was actually changing the team’s offensive performance. Maybe Smith’s remarks is sometimes too random, smashed, but from a good side, this old will find a passion when you are young. I hope he and his team can go further.

Secondly, the cross-cutting deadline of the four major sports alliances has been taken in the regular season. There are more than 160 games in the baseball season. There are about 60 games after the transaction deadline is engaged; basketball and ice hockey have more than 80 games, There are 30 games after the deadline will work together; but only 16 football seasons, only 8 games of the game after the deadline, relative to other projects easier plug, the rugby player needs longer cooperation, so for In the case of the coach, whether the transaction is to overcome the new team’s new system smoothly, this is a great adventure.

Smith is obviously very uncomfortable. After his game, he blamed the problem in Titan’s coach and the physical quality: “I just hit him with the body. I think the result is enough to explain the problem, their fitness instructor is very problematic, the player lacks forces. Look, he is 5 feet 9 inch, only 194 pounds, or a line guard. I think he needs to gain weight. “

1 year agoThen, the seller’s doubts, the NFL system and autosone.net other three sports are different. Baseball basketball ice hockey has their own small alliances. Most players are selected, it is difficult to become “即 战 力”, homogeneration The “Potential stock” is hind in the small alliance. The NFL system is very different. After graduating from the young rugby, you must wait in the university for three years before you can participate in the NFL draft. What does this mean? Enough mature! All young people who can go in the high school in the draft conference, must have a very high power, so use the young and power to change the so-called star, only the fool general manager will be so dry, then the “potential in cheap nfl jerseys” What is the shares? Selection sign! So the NFL season is transaction, most of them are the fixed mode of the “Star changing show”. This involves the benefit of the seller. In other sports alliances, the potential stocks are usually extremely young fresh meat. We know who is very famous, height, and even let the scarlets to examine their small alliance competition, his The real value has at least a significant outline and frame, but in the NFL’s potential stocks are just a virtual draft sign, such as the empty check is generally difficult to let people feel, the future is indeed coveted three feet, but the top three times Also called the first round, the 32nd line is also called the first round, and the specific signing is unable to the transaction. In addition, it will be a golden generation before the draft, but in fact, the quality of the player is mixed, all of which will make many sellers to cancel the truth of the transaction.

American professional sports are like a rumbling passenger plane, tourists are divided into three or sixty-ninety-nine, etc., and the general team is sitting in the economy class. The bad team can only squeeze the goods. The season of trading in the season, in the basketball, baseball, and Ice Hockey Alliance, it is very common, and its supplement is much larger than NFL.

Olakho is a weak side of the league that is very underestimated by people. He has been 30 years old this season, glows youth, his outer rushing is not striking, but more powerful Niu Chong, let him maintain the tenth rational efficiency before the league, if a team is willing to accept his contract, believe Titan is very willing to trade him, and a new Xiu Kevin-Dudan out. Cowboy scarce homes are not secret, especially many defensive ends of this quarter are banned, and the patriots are obviously returned to the outside of this season, and it is necessary to help help help Even their salary meets the requirements of receiving Olakbo.


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