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Quartz Wei Mefield: Media speculation high expectations because I hope Brown

Beijing August 15th, the fate of Cleveland Brown ushered in a huge turn last season, and now they have become a smile in front of last season, it has become a super bowl of champion competitors this year. The Brown team also started to withstand gradually increased expectations.

The competition entered the fourth quarter, four points Wei Karson – Wenz in the face of the three gears, and won the 17 yard. Since then, Alquin Jeffri brought the team to the frontier of the red zone with a 24-yard ball. After that, Nelson Ago completed 10 yards, and the eagle re-established two leading advantages, and the eagle 31:17 red skin. The Red Leather Offensive Group debut again, in the red skin half a 39-yard line, the eagle rushing Braham Granham (Brandon Graham) with a hand-held hand, after the four points Wei Koke Coss In the case of disturbing, the ball directly passed the ball directly to Safe Graham. With this opportunity, the eagle players Jack-Ellio Turns 42 yards, the eagle expands the leading advantage to 34:17.

After the two teams have once again released the game, the eagle offensive group debut, four points, Kakanson-Wenz was killed by Zach Brown (Zach Brown) and slammed the ball, but fortunately he picked up the ball in time. This time I didn’t bring too much impact on Carson – Wenz; after this ball, he immediately took the way to Mack Hollins, the latter opened the defenders, and the ball 64 Score! The eagle will be score to 10:10 flat.

We really can often see emotional Braddy, especially when the patriots are backward or Http://Mediawiki.Yunheng.Oucreate.Com/Wiki/User:BettieKier1380 passing the copy. This Sunday will be Breddy’s 9th Melan Championship, which is an outstanding glory for a four-point guard in 15 seasons. If the emotional and passion is the way Braddy wins, then he is correct.

After the two teams have repeatedly discarded the kick, the red skin pulls the 7 points: Jordan Reed, Jordan Reed, also opened the 17 yards, and he first brought it. 20 yards, then the ball is 5 yards to score. The two teams battle 24:17 flat.

Ravens defensive group continues to extend last week’s excellent play, and scored a touchdown again. When the 7 minutes 24 seconds left in the fourth quarter, inside linebacker Patrick – Ao Nisha (Patrick Onwuasor) sack Matt – Ryan (Matt Ryan) manufactured off the ball, cornerback tower Wen – Yang (Tavon Young) picked up the red ball get into the end zone touchdowns. Not only that, just let the Falcons defense group attack group advancing 131 yards.

“I think the outside world is not important.” Mefield said. “Last last year’s expectations are higher than the last achievement. In the dressing outdoor, the season will derogate us. They have no expectation for us because they have a full 18 games. So, We only probably be better than such a record. I think we need the same mentality now. Such a mentality stays in the locker room. “

Perhaps some experts will deliberately want Brown to lift, so they can help them attract attention. Perhaps Baltimore Crow and Pittsburgh steel fans, including media, will want Brown to lift. But it is certain that Brown will receive the support of the Cleveland people.

Braddy is so explained to his own double personality: “I am not sure the feeling of emotionalization, but I just have the best in the emotional state, I tried to rest all over week, I am emotionally emotional, which is Sunday. The 3 hours. This is what I found to help me maintain the balance of life, I can deal with tactics, organize attacks. Emotional practices are very important to me. “

The red skin that continues to score passes through a series of short passes. Entering the Red District, Jordan Reed took a 12-yard-catching score to 34:24, and the red skin was still behind 10 points. Subsequent gambling kicks did not succeed, the eagle got the ball. At this point, there is still four minutes from the end of the regular time, and the eagle starts to consume time through the Lagarrett Blount. Come to the red skin half, Jack-Elliot did not hit 45 yards, but this did nothing, the eagle still had 10 points, and the vouchers were stable.

Melfield also said: “This is a newly brought by the refrigerator filled with beer to see us to looked at us so that they can say, & lsquo; oh, they are blown too much. & Rsquo; this is Why do you have a stable mentality to treat this matter. “

The last 1 minute 44 seconds garbage time, the red skin did not score again. At the end of the game, the Philadelphia Eagle was at 34:24 overcome Washington red skin. At the same time as the third defeat of the Red Leather season, he was temporarily landing the country with 6 wins and 1 loss.

Brown has such a star, a star, a star, a rookie coach and a team of excellent defensive groups, will be willing to circulate after a change in the day. Whether Merfield looks at the outside world expectations and hype, I can believe that he will definitely speak on the field.

Jackson today once off the ball, the result was the Falcons converted for touchdowns; his teammates in the third quarter Jackson was accidentally kicked the head, into the brain concussion saver, but fortunately did not cause illness, the end of the third quarter timely return. Jackson audience pass 21 12 125 yards red ball 75 yards, a touchdown harvest. Ravens offensive group also continue to be the main offensive red ball, the number of advancing yards 366 yards 207 yards from the ground rushed the ball 75 yards to remove Jackson, running back Gus – Edwards (Gus Edwards) rushed the ball 81 yards.


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