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In 2014, http://ruriphoto.Com/ the second round of the selected Titi Tute has become one of the most indispensable members of the steel man’s defensive group. In the past three seasons, he got 109 hugs, 11.5 times and 3 times forced the ball. But TitiTe believes that he can be more excellent than previous performance.

1 year agoSteel people announced on Saturday that they have for 5 years. Tuyt will take the team to the 2022 season, he can get 61 million US dollars in 6 years, and he can get most salary in the first half of the contract.

Packaging workers and quadrants Qiao Dan – Leff Signed a full guarantee of the rookie contract

US time Wednesday, the packaging workers announced that the first round of the first round of Show, four points Wei Qiandan Love.

Many people think that Manning will go to the radio to make a game broadcast. It has recently been reported that Manning is advised to consult the John Madden. Madona was previously the head of the Auckland raid, followed by his 29 seasons to work in Fox, CBS, ESPN, and NBC stations.

Finally, Brady is still, in terms of the data, 53.1% true shooting percentage (first week of the league penultimate), Cheap nfl jerseys from china a long pass pass 9 2, pressureless hits 26 pass 10 in (the league’s worst), Brady in the end how NS? Previously analyzed a lot, due to the Edelman injury, leading the Patriots offense in the opener rather “atypical”, not quick short pass final offensive series of the Patriots into a vicious circle, Brady to lead a long pass obsession Patriots offensive success rate of decline, the result of repeatedly put the ball right back to the chiefs, chiefs offensive sharply result, the Patriots suffered a crushing defeat demoralized. But I have no doubt that the ability to adjust Brady and Bailey Cech, wait and see Let’s go back to Braddy, the second week.

In the defensive group, the 24-year-old Tuti Tead teammates have 28-year-old Cameron Heyward, 25-year-old Ryan Shazier, 24-year-old Bad-Duri (BUD DUPREE) and 22-year-old TJ-Watt. The steel man now has a seven-person defense of the top of the alliance, they may continue progress in the new season.

In the second year of the second consecutive year, Witworth, who only allows the opponent to win 1 time last season, and the professional football focused network score reached 72.8. His ability, experience, and leaders can be very suitable for the reassest of the raw ram attack.

However, Brown still has many reasons to see the hope of turning over. In addition to Beckham, they have built a set of lineups with many young outstanding players. However, there is a high expectation is a matter, reaching the expectation is another matter.

Since Beckham has entered the alliance in 2014, Brown 4 times in the United States in the United States in the 5th season, only 18 wins and 61 losses 1 flat record, which was a season in the 2017 season. In the same period of time, the patriot was five consecutive years to dominate the United States and 4 times to enter the super bowl. 3 times win the championship, and 62 wins and 18 loss.

Whitworth career is 14 years, 4 times, selection of professional bowls. He has been working for the ram for 3 years. He is about to be a free player, however, will be a big question in the future, but he accepted the surgery for ankles and now it feels great.

The packageman signed two rounds of junction A.j. Dillen) on the same day. Providing a contract to Leff shows the confidence of this young player, Leff’s four-year contract salary of $ 1.238 million, including $ 65.66 million signature bonus, and is all guaranteed.

Champion quarterback seems to deserve success, born to be a winner, does not allow any waves, eyes of the world can not tolerate a grain of sand. Coincidentally, according to PFF quarterback rating, the first week ranked the top four are slightly parallel imply champion quarterback.

A name for themselves on the opener Karim – Hunter certainly one of them, in addition to the data explosion opener, rushed the ball 17 times for manufacturing missed tackles seven times, good use of speed on the outside to create opportunities, but also to the the ball end to contribute, together with “Anxijiaolian” tuning ability underrated, Hunter – law.

If Manning Choosing Radio Working His first choice is likely to be a CBS radio station, it is reported that the team work is the last choice of Manning. However, the current ESPN is more likely to get Manning, and at least 2 teams are interested in demanding Manning.

However, the packaging work is not lacking the four-defense team. Before the draft, the vast majority of forecasts are the packaging trade union, and add weapons to the offensive group. But the packaging works seems to be more expected to make the same as they do in 2005. At that time, Brett Favre and the finale of Brett Favre were not beautiful, but many years later, Ffer still came to participate in the jersey retirement ceremony.

The excellent performance of Leff is mainly concentrated in the 2018 season, and 2019 performance is compared. Matt Lafleur is very optimistic about his physical fitness and potential, this choice is wise, but also waiting for the answer.


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