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Emite – Smith: Murray is not an eagle helpEast Dallas Cowboy’s external hand Michael Irvin said in the early ranks, Philadelphia eagle was the best choice from Demarco Murray, which made the eagle have an advantage in Guandi.

The 33-year-old Sags suffered alard tendon in the first week of last season. O’Reah, General Manager of Crows, said last week, he believes that Sags can be prepared at the beginning of the regular season next season.

Finally ranking:

Tampa Bay Pirate

2. Tennesi Toyan

3. Jacksonville American Tiger

4. Auckland raid

5. Washington red skin

6. New York Jet

7. Chicago

8. Atlanta Falcon

9. New York Giants

10. St. Louis Ram

11. Minnesota Viking

12. Cleveland Brown

13. New Orleans Saint

14. Miami Dolphin

15. San Francisco 49 people

16. Houston Texas

17. Kansas City Chief

18. San Diego lightning

19. Buffalo

20. Philadelphia Eagle

The election is determined: the pirate is “champion bowl”The last week of the regular season has all ended. The top 6 teams ranked first will begin to prepare for the playoffs, while the remaining 20 teams will usher in their holidays in advance. With the final ranking, the top 20 drafts will also be set. In the end, the Tampawan pirate force of 2 wins, Ten West Titan, took the “champion bowl”, and lost the Atlantian Funding of the last week of life and death, with 6 victories to get 8 signs. 10 wins and 7-linked eagle are the best in the team that has not entered the playoffs. They will pick their first rookie in the election conference.

The first round of the raids of the raid, the sea-gate may lose the first position.When the Auckland raid is building a team cornerstone and future star, the line Wender Mack and the outer handlers Amari Cooper is very confident.

However, it seems that another famous player doesn’t think so. Recently, the famous Hall of the famous Hall, Emmitt Smith, said in an interview: “I don’t recognize such choices to balance the strength, I think the team’s strength is from the ability of the rendex.”

Dolphins close-edge Melon is placed in a traumatic reserve listThe Miami Sea Dolphin is coming, Jordan Cameron is placed in the injury reserve on Saturday. In the past four years, he has suffered Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China the brain in the past four years. According to informed people, he is considering retreat.

According to ESPN reporters, the team’s new coaching group made Hayden trained together in the last time, and only a small part of the time in the first lineup. The four rounds of Xiu Keis last season, Keith McGill, and T. J. Carrie, served as the first corner guard. ESPN reporters emphasize that “Not fixed matching,” but McGill will occupy advantage at the beginning of the training camp.

Meers – Galt: Will not let Brown disappointmentUS Time Wednesday afternoon, Brown defensive end Melis Galles Garrett shared your own video of your contract, and the team was also officially announced.

After responding to an accident alarm, the police discovered the vehicles driving in Sags and asked him to find that he was awake, but he was discovered that his driver’s license has been revoked and arrested.

Galert also thanked the team in the statement: “In 2017, Cleveland Bridge chose to believe me. This city quickly became my new home, fans seem to be my family. I am very grateful to this opportunity, thank you Friends, family, club, teammates, fans & hellip; & hellip; language is difficult to express my gratitude. Just say: Continue to believe in me, Cleveland, I will not let you down. Now I have worked hard. “

Dolphin replaces the neighborhood, Di Arms (Dion SIMS) will also lack the second consecutive game. Dolphins currently can only rely on the No. 3 and No. 4 near-end Mat, Marqueis Gray and Dominique Jones.

Cameron has been a diagnosis of brain volatile experts in Pittsburgh. He said that he has improved this week, he hopes to return this season, but the dolphins decided to put him in the injury reserve list.

The crow line Weasenm, due to the accident, the driver’s license is arrestedBaltimo crow line Verrell Sags (Terrell Suggs) was arrested by the police in Arizona on the scene of Arizona, as if he was suspected of leaving the car accident and pulling a driver’s license.

“This morning, Treier Sags was involved in bicycle accidents. Unattended,” Sags’s agent said. “The police received alarm and asked Sags, and found that his driver’s license was revoked due to the speed of the speed. He was detained by the police and released after a few hours. Treier will let the judicial system handle his case and resolved His driver’s license problem. “

The contract period is 5 years, with a total salary of $ 125 million, of which 100 million is a guarantee amount. Andrew Berry, General Manager, said Greta has the quality required to become a team’s core member. Talking about the glion in the competition in the game last year, Beli Rudolph, Pell said that Galt must take responsibility, but this matter should not define him.


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