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New York Giants cut out the old handle Brandon Marshall

Earlier this week, Brandon Marshall also said that there is no space for the New York giant’s adequate plug-in, there is no space for Des Bryant.

“I told me that my wife is likely to be my last year,” Hester said. “I hope to have a chance to win a super bowl of champion. The only regret of my career is not leaving with a ring. This is very difficult.”

Hayst is still able to continue to fight when the Falcon seeks. In the game game, he completed a total of 5 kickbacks to get a total of 194 yards. In addition, he still has an 80-drawn kick back to attack but because of the foul on teammates.

The Alliance will make the passage of the mobile interference in the new season test, and the last two minutes of the upper and second half will be decided by the value of the value of the value of the value of the value, although it is made The criteria for recording is higher than other words.

After the guess for several months, Dave Gettleman, General Manager Dave Gettleman, confirmed that the team has been cut off by the medical examination. This decision will make the giant saves $ 5.1 million.

Mahms said: “I certainly want to stay in the chief long, I hope to have a contract that makes me playing with myself. I understand and believe in the Chief Club, I believe all staff, I believe they will handle this.”

After nearly 3 years from the previous excellent season, Marshall may not ask. Considering the performance of his past in the media program, he can guess whether he will choose to retire and join the TV circle.

Shawn Pedon: Passing the new discharge new regulations make coaches more sensible to use challenges

Beijing July 12th, New Orleans Saint Coach Shan Pay Payton believes that his team is ready Stockmanage post to a company blog come out cheap jerseys from china the loss of the Los Angeles ram, but this game The misunderstanding of the referee has led the alliance to change the transfer of the pass interference video playback rules this year.

Pedon may use his challenge more inevitably, but other team coach may not be so cautious. If there is a coach, I finally found that I can’t challenge the evangelistic passing of the disrupt fiction, then the press conference will be very interesting.

If his career ends, the 34-year-old Host will become a player who has abandoned the number of times (3695 yards) in history. His kick offensive code ranked second in active players, second only to Darren Sproles and ranked eleventh historical. He won a total of 14 abandoned kicks and returned to Davity, ranked first in NFL history.

Patrick – Mahomus believes that the new contract will be completed on time

The big contract of Patrick Mahomes has not arrived yet, but he is not urgent because there is still two years left in the rookie contract.

After the best performance of 31 years old in 2015, Marshall’s performance was hoped in 2016, which caused him to cut off by New York jet. And his performance was even more bad last season, just completed 154 yards.

In 2006, the second round of the selected Hester will become one of the most fearful special group players in NFL history. He is still a superb bowl history, the only player who has acquired a reachable in the open ball. Knowing that he will not be able to come back to the opponent, the team’s team coordinator can sleep safely.

For the playoffs, Evrel was played in 64 games in the Sea Eagle, and won 41 killing. His performance is also impressive. In the best in the 2016 season in his career, he promised to build a new house in Haiti everywhere.

Although this 32-year-old old will still have to continue to fight the sand field, he can restore complete health and still unknown. In 2015, Evrel said: “Everyone wants to come to Xijatu, no one wants to leave Seattle because we are thriving.”

“Let’s start with the most basic premise for fans: like other challenges we have now,” Pedon said. “Remember that we only have two challenges. So, I don’t think you will see more challenges in the game. Maybe coaches will use challenges, because they know at least one challenge, if you feel you In the 2 minutes, I think that there is obvious mistake, as a coach you can challenge. Of course, in 2 minutes, then it is determined by the official. Through technology, we can now have a chance to see in real time with the fans. Review process. Especially in such an important game, we hope that the referee can make the correct penalty. “


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