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Mingxi and denim reach a salary agreement, the end of the divert

NFL famous media people Ian Rapople reported on Sunday, the Darlas denim, said that the main defensive end of the team, Jeremy Min, reached a salary salary agreement, Mingxi The salary in the 2015 season will grow $ 500,000. After successful payment, Mingxi finally started to get into the training camp of cowboy, before the absence of Mingxi, the training should be fined, then this penalty is also canceled.

Williams is the debut of the 49 people’s team’s first defensive tip, because the fracture of the fracture of the marina eagle last season, missed the entire season. He has conducted 4 operations, and the last operation date is February. If everything goes well, Williams will undoubtedly will play the regular season of the Tieras Cowboy on September 7.

Steel man runs Wei Levi – Bell does not need to receive groin surgery

In this week, the 51st super bowl was held, Pittsburgh Steelman ran tolelective – Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell) said he hoped to avoid hevo surgery. It seems that he has reached this goal.

Defensive front line main returns 49 people defense timely reinforcement

The 49-person defensive front line has recently been reinforced in a timely manner, and IAN Williams removes from the injury list last Tuesday.

Mingxi accepted the reporter’s interview after the end of Sunday training, he said: “Now we have eliminated misunderstanding, I also returned to the training ground, I just want to go to the donkey.” Cowboy coach Sen Galrett also said: “He can come back, we are very happy. The consultations between the two sides are very friendly. We must look at his state now. He will pass through physical test, then we will let him participate in training. middle.”

Mingxi, in Mingxi, Mingxi, who had previously taken to seek renewal contracts, and then Deni Executive Vice-Chair Stephen Jones said that every day, every day, will be fined $ 30,000. After several days of negotiation, the two finally reached a salary salary agreement, thus ending this dismissive storm.

The 49 people’s defensive lines also have several players to withstand different degrees of injuries, but they still have completed the first game of Mosausus in Balbar on Thursday, based on 4 healthy defenders.

Bronkoli – Coleman’s attack allegation is not established

Cleveland Brown’s External Journal of Corey Coleman has been accused of attacking others, but after a long investigation, the police announced that he was not guilty.

Campbell senior season can only say that, although unsatisfactory, but he has a rare physical, very strong but also very athletic ability. In nine NFL seasons, he has 56.5 sacks, including 10 multiple sack game. He also was not affected too much age in 2016 still contributed eight sacks. 30 years old, he still received a huge pay out of his Jaguar in the offseason this season.

No need to receive surgery is a good news for Bell, which is about to be free players. Steelman is preparing to use the privilege label to Bell before the deadline on March 1, and both parties will continue to work hard to finalize a long.

Obviously Braddy is not very satisfying to his own bad performance, so he has sent a photo with his own face, and Cheap Jerseys he gave up the position of the ball, came to the position of the ball. The following text is: “After leaving the football court, he will leave the position of the ball, or become a pick-up.”

Bell made a wall to the finish of the groin injury in the steel man in most of the new England patriots. His early this month said to the wholesale nfl jerseys official website, he was troubled by groin injury before this game.

“People don’t know if I have injured it in the playoffs,” Bell said. “I was really injured in the game of Mai Mei’s Ammy Dolphin. I took injured in the game of the Afaros City chief. I felt discomfort in the beginning of the patriots game.”

No one can ignore the scandal of the year to bring Rice Baltimore Ravens how great frustration there, but it is difficult to imagine that the year-Royce will be unsuccessful. From 2009 to 2012, only Adrian – Peterson (Adrian Peterson) and – Chris Johnson ran for more yardage than he.

Braddy Facebook Self-ridiculous Balloon Technique

He has the talent that the world’s participating people are envious. If you use a sentence to describe Tom Brady’s kick in Boston’s red socks, he is “not very”.

Although the spread formation in the red ball, but Stuart University in last season also ran for 1722 yards. He is a versatile defender, and with 6638 yards rushing attack ranked second in the history of the Panthers. Although he missed a lot of games due to injury, Stuart is also no doubt that the chief Lions running back from 2008 to 2016, during which time the lion because no other running back rushed the ball a total of more than 2400 yards.

Ke Leidi was chosen left Denver Nelson enabled the fast catcher. His tall figure in the past five years, greatly helped the Packers offensive. The 45th Super Bowl is the pinnacle, 9 receptions of his career, advancing 140 yards and 1 touchdowns achieved. In 2013, he completed 19 25+ yards to hit the ball in Green Bay record in team history. Even last season, the 31-year-old veteran torn ACL, he is still 14 touchdowns to lead the NFL.


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