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Roger, President Roger Goodell, announced that Dallas denim will host the 2018 NFL draft. At that time, the draft meeting will be held at AT & AMP; T Stadium, this is the first time in the stadium for Mediawiki.Yunheng.Oucreate.com the first time. The draft will be held from April 26th to 28th next year.

Windley think the best way to predict the performance of professional work experience before. “? If a person has never engaged in related work, how do you predict the performance of his career”: – But Charles Windley Windley throw a question EF- inference, prediction second professional performance reliable way is to test each other’s cognitive ability.

However, the team’s performance has declined. After the opening of the game, the raid will encounter four losses, of which Carl is once injured, which makes the inappropriate attack group that has a poor manifestation.

“Philadelphia pushed the draft to another level, set up a new benchmark, and the draft of Dallas will let us continue to improve this activity and make it better,” Gu Del said in the statement. “We thank Dallas Cowboy, Arlington, Dallas City and Frisco and Dallas Sports Committee in the leadership shown in reality.”

After the end of the last season, the rapid decision to make a decision of Delrio continued to surprise. But I didn’t expect that the raid slaughter was fried in a year after the trust of the coach. The speed of this decision means that they have planned the next step, but we have to sit on the development.

This season’s raid person has a bright spot. After the team has a trump quarter-free and for the offensive front line, the boss Davis feels that it is necessary to play landslides this season and return to the previous state in the 2016 season.

Rookie training camp big problem: Windley test

NFL training camp of the most controversial item is not in court, not in the training room, not even in media interviews, but the famous Windley test, many people have questioned whether the NFL needs to continue Windley test in training camp.

Green Bay packaging unintentionally signed the outside Tete – Bryant

Jason Witten believes that the front teammates will join the Green Bay packaging, but the former will join ESPN after retiring is a commentary guest rather.

In recent years, Windley test of credibility because of questions outflow compromised, NFL get test results are also being questioned. Some of the players under immense pressure, but also adversely affect the test results Windley protest on their draft stock of.

In February in February, Delrio and the raid renewal for 4 years. He led the raid to obtain 25 wins and 24 loss records (including 0 wins and Bahnportal.at 1 loss in the playoffs). Last season of raids took 12 wins and 4 loss, the offensive group was in the forefront. However, the injury ended the last season of Derek Carr in advance and led the team to lose the ball in the playoffs, but the front team was optimistic about the future.

49 people coach: Jimmy-Garoboa next season will still be the first quarter

Unless San Francisco’s 49-person coach Kel Salle Shanahan made unexpected decisions, Jimmy Garoppolo should not get an opportunity in the last game, he Will continue to work hard from the high ankle sprain.

Bryant is now hard to find a team that is willing to sign his team. Although he used to be a league’s top level, he recently declined sharply and he did not be considered a player who was easy to get along, which might let some teams stay away from him. Before the start of the training camp, he still in two months to find a new east of his.

Windley personality test is not perfect. The efficacy of the Dallas Cowboys cornerback Morris – Claiborne created a league record low points & mdash; & mdash; 4 points. However, in the eyes of the team, his learning disabilities largely affected his score, which ultimately did not affect the result he was selected in the 2012 NBA Draft first-round pick in the sixth.

“You consider each option to see if you can make you excellent,” Samunan said. “It’s this for each location, but look at Jimmy, look at his performance, look at his contract. If we are going to find a better player, we can give a very good answer because Jimmy In the year, he has already shown his players who can lead us into the super bowl. I still think that Jimmy appears, the better his performance. “

When Bryant was cut off by Dallas denim, it was interested in him. But in the fourth round of the draft, the fifth round and sixth rounds selected the outer handle Jones – Moore (J & # 39; Mon Moore), Mark Valdes-Scantling (Marquez Valdes-Scantling) After Equanimeus St. Brown, their interest is reduced.

Many of the doubts about Garobalo are not only his contract, but is overlap factors for contracts and injuries. If Garobo does not play the season of the season, he will ablate 23 regular season in the last three seasons.

However, Salunhan supports more support in Galopolo because if 49 people want to give up the latter, they best determine that they will choose a better successor. In view of the Samunam’s first tie team, 49 people have achieved 22 wins and 8 losses, 49 people have only achieved 7 wins and 26 losses when he lacks. Not easy.


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