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“I want to thank Texas, Mr. McNar (team boss), my teammates and Houston have been supported by my past 12 years. Especially I want to thank fans & mdash; & mdash; thank you for giving me to complete me The dream of childhood. It can be honored to participate in the game in front of you every Sunday. No matter where I go, Houston will always be my home & mdash; & mdash; No. 80 Andre – Johnson “

Kirk Patrick continues to talk about the influence of the trading Green may be on the team. “I feel that the team will fall into the analysis,” he said. “You can’t do this. You can’t do this. This is the best player of our team. He didn’t even show it yet. So, we don’t even know how our strength, the team looks really what is like. They Can’t do this. They can’t … I am first a team player, I am united in my teammate Friday, if we let him leave the team, it will really make me sad. “

Former Texas people take over Johnson reported Thank you old homeAfter 12 seasons in Houston Texas, External hands Andre Johnson took careers for the first time in different teams, and put on different teams in the competition.

Johnson was diagnosed with the elbow in the last week of the regular season, which also made him absent the last week. His regression will continue to deepen the second line depth of the team. Tony Moeaki, Tony Moeaki, was also returned and participated in all training this week.

Viking’s main coach: the ball does not affect the results of the United StatesThe highest level of news in this week is the “ventilation incident” of the new England Patriots. They are tested with the ball in the Meeting finals. On Wednesday, the Mike Zimmer, Mike, Minnesota, Minnesota, said that the ball is declared and does not affect the results of the competition.

Sea Eagle is first off, and the defensive cutaway is absent.Wednesday, Wednesday, Seattle Hawks announced the latest injuries report, and the result is amazed. The team’s first right cut Justin Britt is absent all training, and the same situation also occurs on the defensive dispenser Tony McDaniel. At the same time, it is preferred that it is possible to absent the substitute for this week’s competition. Jeron Johnson has participated in all training programs.

The main candidates of the transaction are of course external take-up A.j. Green (A.j. Green). This star player has not played the game this season, he is already in the last year of the contract, Wholesale nfl jerseys and may make the tiger to get a good transaction return.

49 General Manager John Lynch and the team have renewed for many yearsJohn Lynch Management of the San Francisco 49 people last year, the finals of the finals, in the last forever of the super bowl. However, during this period, with the future hope, it is enough to let the team will stay for a few years.

Qi Shi said: “Is the result of the game 41-7? I don’t think this score is influenced by the ball.” (The actual score is 45-7) Although Qi Mun is wrong, his point of view is still got. Part of the fans and media support. Compared with special treatment with the game with the ball, Qi Mer is more concerned about the tactics of the patriot to replace the legal players in the game.

Professional football focus network statistics show that Essel’s 6-speed ball shock will cause pressure on the opponent, this data is better than the best lineup of Aaron Donald and the Gino-A Geno Atkins.

One of the most important operations of Lynch is to use two rounds to exchange four-point guards in Jimmy Garoppolo. After that, he reinforced many running guards and created the boring attack on the second ranking last season. Investment in defensive front lines is also quite rich, and 49 people have been promoted in the first season. The old Horn of the 2018 resort is also very good, and it is one of the core of the defensive group.

The ram received an efficient front first round show player, but the player has huge injuries and attitudes. The problem is whether he is ready to start at the beginning of the next season in December four in December last year.

Linchi players have been selected for 9 degrees, but when I first took office in January 2017, he did not have any experience in frontline management. After hired Lynch, 49 people made Kyle Shanahan a head coach. Although not there is no twelfth, the record of 2019 has proved to people that 49 people have not looking for a wrong person.

Qi Shi said: “Alliance needs to discuss this issue. Such tactics are very good, but I don’t like it until the last moment before the kick is notified. As the coach, I hope I can know in the first time. The change made by the opponent. “The” ventilation incident “is still in the investigation stage, and the alliance is also a discussion to be discussed if the legitimate player is notified.

Britt participated in each of the team’s attack this season, this week was exposed to the knee injury. McDaniel made a good performance in last week with the Carolina’s black panther, manufacturing 1 time, complete 4 times. Due to the absence of training because the shoulder injury, the team did not disclose the specific injuries of the above two.


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