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Titan and the former ram striker Safar signed 4 yearsOn March 13, according to the ESPN reporter Adam Schefter, Titan will sign a 44 million US dollar contract with the former Roger Saffold. Includes $ 22.5 million security.

Philip-Rivers makes ghosts in Jones JonesThe US time has made the first preseason of the San Diego lightning and Dallas Cowba this Thursday evening. If there is no news, the title of this article should be “The lightning is over 17 to 7.”

“This is not the final determination of wage caps in the 2021 League year, and the specific number will be determined after the final revenue of the 2020 season and other audit and accounting adjustments. This agreement only increases each team’s 2021 minimum wage cap to increase 500 10,000 US dollars, from $ 1.75 billion to $ 180 million. “

In less than 24 hours ago, the federal courier company at home on the crown team requested the red skin to change the name. Federal Express was named after the 400 million US dollars in 1998, this cooperation will last until 2025. Federal Express Creation Man and Chairman Frederick Smith also is also a small shareholder of Hongki.

In the absence of an epidemic, the outside world believes that the salary cap in the 2021 season will drop significantly more than $ 198.2 million in the 2020 season. After years of salary capsules over 10 million, this decline is expected to be very huge. The new minimum amount can reduce the impact of some of the salary flies.

Before the formal wage cap is determined, the team does not know how many spaces can be available in this year’s free player transfer market. At least, the new minimum number allows the team to have a reference point to start planning.

The team owner Dan Snyder said in the statement: “This process allows the team not only considering the team’s glorious history, but also considers our past members, teams, sponsors, national football big alliances and us. The opinions provided by the local group of the privilege of the representative. “

“In view of the recent events in China and our fans, Washington Hongki announced that the team name will fully evaluate the name,” said Hongki in the statement. “This assessment is formally formatting the team in recent weeks in recent weeks.”

Watt 2012 is the king of the league, and Dumerville is the king of the 2009 season, but Dikang-Jones Award was created last year to commemorate the greatest celebration. The winners last year were the Indiana Pony Robert – Matt Mathis.

The memorandum said: “As you know, the Summer and wholesale Nfl jerseys players will have an agreement on the operation of the epidemic during the epidemic, the 2021 season salary will be no less than $ 175 million. The same players will discuss 2020 season After the actual revenue and the 2021 season, we agreed to increase the minimum wage cap of the 2021 League year to $ 180 million. “

Houston is opposite Sunday is the San Diego Flash Bridge, Philip Rivers, and 15 games this season were only killed 29 times. Opposite Watt is Blake Bortles of Jacksonville, and 13 games were killed 50 times this season, and Dumerville faced the Kreveland Brown’s decline. Connor Shaw, this Sunday is his first start. So Houston is likely to be exceeded by Watt or Dumerville.

The patriot does not add big-name stars during this break, but they have been tuned to existing lineups through various operations. At the position of the ball, the team is restructured with Danny Amendola to ensure that it continues to be the team’s effectiveness. At the same time, Patriots also signed a 1 year contract with Brandon Gibson. The next season’s patriots are still worth looking forward to.

Sassard will be 31 years old this year, according to reports, he deliberately went to the ram training venue and colleagues. Sassard’s effectiveness of the ram is the second round of the 2010, and the success of the ram offensive group in the past two seasons has less than his contribution.

The patriot has always hoped to find a reliable substitute for Rob Gronkowski, and enriched the team’s dual-near-pending tactics. Chandler’s arrival will solve this problem very well. Last season patriots get Tim Wright from Tampawan pirate trading, but his appearance time and field performance are unstable. Chandler has stabilized in his career. The 2112 yard with 17 years ago, almost all the competitions during the period.

Kansas Emirates Justin Houston is currently 18th smiles, while Houston Texas JJ Watt (JJ Watt) followed by 17, 5 times, Baltimore Crow Ervis Dumerville ranks third in 17 times. They have the opportunity to sprint the king of this season.

Patriot announcing and before Bill’s near-end Qian Deller signingThe new England Patriots and the front Buffalo-Tmer Coodler have a five-season handover experience. After the latter decided to leave the team, the patriot took him to take him. According to ESPN, both parties have reached an agreement, although the details of the contract have not been announced, the external predictive money will receive a new approximate annual salary of $ 2 million.


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