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Introducing competition does not mean that Ryan and Jones will soon lose our main position. But Lén will be 36 years old in May. Jones has been 32 years old in February, and he only played 9 games due to leg tears.

Shelman or will receive elbow surgery during the offset period

Although the Seattle Hawks were sprained in the national contest in the national contest in the country of the two weeks ago, he still insisted that it was born in the super bowl. According to the infession, Shelman is likely to receive Tommy John surgery during the offset period, and the elbow ligament is reconstructed.

After Runson’s top, spend 13 sets of offensive completed, including 39 yards that were completed with Aisa-Ford (ISAIAH Ford), 14 yards of self-awaiting, final Patrick, Leld (Patrick Laird) is a full completening of 5 yards to the squid.

[Event Review] Rosen Season Front Sugretou, Dolphin 22-7 Sheng America Tiger

Beijing August 23, Josh Rosen, in the third section, on the stage, directly guided a wave of 99 yards to advance and reached the array, the dolphins finally 22-7 defeated the American tiger, win the first The victory of the three-week season.

“& lsquo; Kansas comroom & rsquo; Flying into the National Football League and seized the attention of the United States. Although only 68 games were played in the season due to injuries, because he was present and his character in life, Gaier is a member of the famous celebrity, and he is selected for the first time. “

Rosen competes with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dolphin (record 2-1) starts four-guard position, this passed the ball 7 times completed 5 times, advance 59 yards, reached once, and complete 4 times Ball, advance 23 yards.

After Become a Falcon New General Manager, Terry Fontenot has emphasized the introduction of four-point guard. However, cheap nfl Jerseys from china although there are excellent external connections such as Calvin Ridley in addition to Jones, Fang Na Note expressed the same plan to introduce external hands.

Former Dolphins Professional Bowl Drinking

One of the players of the Dolphin Perfect season, the striker in the selection of professional bowls, Bob Kuechenberg, died on Saturday, USA, at the age of 71.

Fitz Patrick completed 8 yards of the line in Section 3 with Mark Walton. Before this, he was 30 yards completed with near-ended Nick – Nick O & Rsquo; Leary and Mike Gesicki. The 29-yard connection is also worth seeing.

Falcon New General Manager: Will definitely introduce new aid quadrant and external walking

Siwu Matt Ryan and Exterior Julio Jones are expected to lead Atlantan Falcon. But this will not stop the falcon from preparing for the future.

“All those who love the rugby game will leave one of the most great players in the history of the death of the Chicago Bear Legend player Gaier Serbs,” Baker said in the statement. He embodies all the qualities of team players & mdash; & mdash; quiet, humble and always prepares to praise the teammates. Gair is a unusual person, he overcomes many difficulties in Wholesale Nfl Jerseys career and life. “

“I often asked questions is, & lsquo; Hey, although you take over the soldiers, you are satisfied with Matt-Ren, would you like to choose a quarter-saving? Do you want to pick up your way? & Rsquo;” Fang Tainnot said. “Yes. Yes, yes, yes. We will definitely be attracted in these two locations, we will work hard to introduce competition. But I have a high evaluation of the players in these two positions.”

In the game with Green Bay packaging, Shelman collided with teammates in a rotation run, and wounded. Since the injury, he insisted on training and still gave a high level of performance in the superblock. His clams and defensive are still very stable, and they have not deliberately avoiding the left hand. There was a message indicated that in addition to the elbow, Sherman’s shoulder also had injuries. However, the insider emphasizes that if you need to receive surgery, the part will be limited to elbows. In addition, the insider did not disclose the specific injury and inspection or even surgery.

Tommy – John surgery is roughly two-sided bone joints in elbow joint, and then intercept the tendon on the wrist joint, re-joining the joint after passing through the drill, then sewing. After drilling adhesion, lower forearm and the upper arm bone connecting root tendons ligaments will produce similar effects. This surgical similar to the replacement ligament will help athletes overcome the elbow ligament injury.

Although career is affected by injuries, Serbs completed 991 shots to get 4956 yards 39 times, and the average was 5.0 yards per shock. In the first five seasons, he was selected for a while, and a total of 4 times were selected for 4 times. He is elected as the best new show in 1965, in 1969, is elected as the best Dongshan player in 1969.

Serbs has a speed of wind and electricity, and he has the ability to complete long distance advances during each shock. In his unparalleled bear player career, Serbs interprets the nightmare of defensive players. Every time you hold a ball, he can bring huge trouble to your opponent. Serbs can break through the defensive guards in speed, sway over, rush through the defensive front line players, or find the most narrow space to complete the mushroom.


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