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Viking will decide the first quarter-off candidate before the gameMike Zimmer, Mike Zimmer, said that he has not decided to appoint Shaw Hill or Sam-Bradford (SAM). Bradford, who was started, he also said that the starter was announced until the game.

On Monday in the local time, Carol talked about the feelings of the patriot competition during an interview: “This is my personal feelings. Because I have coached there, it is a great ball. Team, I respect them. I am very respectful for the current achievements of the patriot, and the Clavit family pays for nearly a few years. They are one of the best teams in the league. For us, It is a luck with the clubs like them in the super bowl. “

Cossins said in an interview: “He wants to play in other places. I think that Viking people satisfy his requirements are also very smart. This is not a secret, you can understand, I hope he will go smoothly. But I I also like to play with him, he is very special. However, we have to look forward now. “

From a certain point of view, the patriot is fired instead of the best thing in Carol’s coaching career. It is this dismissal that contributed to the success of Carol in the south. Nowadays, the NFL team is now taught, and Carol has become more practiced. He looks forward to led the Hawks to get two consecutive championships.

Carol talks against patriots: this is very interestingSeattle Sea Eagle Catholic Pete Carroll led the team into a super bowl in the second consecutive year, and their opponents will be new England Patriots. Interestingly, Carol is known as the main coach, it is from his three seasons as the patriot coach. After entering the patriot in the 1997 season, Carols in the first two seasons bring the team into the playoffs. After the third year of the third year, Carol was fired by the team. But he got 27 wins and 21 losses during the tutorial, such transcripts also proved his strength.

“They have not contacted me. They talked to my brokers during the comprehensive investigation camp,” Wolf said. “They have seen it, they will let me enter the free player market, see how I am in the market. This is a business, this is a courteous way to me to reply to me & lsquo; we like you, we love you, But won’t give you so much money. & Rsquo; “

In 2012, Wolf was selected by the second round of the draft, and his eighth year has spent all here. Although occasionally injured, Wolf played 108 games and all started. In 2016, he signed a 4-year contract with the wild horse. He obtained the 7th killing of the new height of his career last season. In his career, he got 299 hugs for 33 killing.

At present, the training camp is still planned to open in 7.28, Wholesale Jerseys but the quarterly stadium has not finally decided. The league’s tendency to two games, the player will think that this year’s preseason will be canceled.

The steel man has experienced three losses, and even the tiger without Joe Burrow lost on Monday. Earlier this week, the Tiger Safety Wei Feng En-Bell said that he believes that Smith Schurns is very “disrespectful” in the sign of Schthzit. The defensive group will “hit him, let him recognize his pound.”

Steelman coach Tomlin will talk to Smith Schthtuzt dance problemAlthough it has been named by Bill players, the outer hand is held, and Juju Smith-Schuster still insists on dancing on the home team sign before the game. After being “severely punished” in the game of tigers, Mike Tomlin decided to find this outer junction.

NFL proposes 35% salary to third-party hostingThe 2020 season is also full of uncertainty by the continued impact of the new championship. Currently, alliances and players will continue to discuss, and what they need to consider includes virus detection, preseason, and training camp.

NBA and player unions reached a third-party hosting agreement in 1999 and implemented in the 2001-2002 season. NBA will be restricted by 10% of the players, and deposited into the hosting account. If the player’s final income does not exceed 55% of the total income of the alliance, the salary will return to the player, and if more than 55% are used by NBA.

US time on Tuesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters reported that the players will notify the players representatives, and the alliance plans to hand over 35% of the players to third-party hosted to control the spending of 2020.

After receiving Bradford on Saturday, Viking people made Hill and Bradford in training in training in training. This transaction made Bradford from the Philadelphia Eagle’s first four-dimensional heavier to study the state of new attack tactics before the first battle of the season.

When I was asked to have a negative impact on his future confidence in such a short time, Bradford said, “I have experienced a lot of polishs in the alliance. As for my confidence, I treat these I don’t think this will affect this. “

Bradford said that it is more adapted to the team’s attack compared to the first time to participate in the training, he also said that if he appeared in the first game, he would not wear a tactical wristband.


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