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As a 29-year-old running Weikeoi actually doesn’t have to compare with these runners, he told reporters “There is nothing in the stadium, I can’t do it, I can catch the ball, I can hold the ball, I am the trouble of the defensive group, a person can’t hold me. “

Watt appeared on the ice rink, and the site also included NHL players and team members of the Wisconsin University, and they were jointly raised charity for the Wisconsin Burn Health Center. Finished a beautiful shot at Watt.

Johnson completed 2118 yards in Arizona last season, and 20 reached 20 reachaes, and Bell promoted 1884 yards in the case of only 12 games, and the Ellio Duetchi was completely completed nearly 2000. The advancement of the code and 16 reacted.

When I was interviewed on Thursday, the reporter questioned the Gates, and if Tamnel reimbursed again, it would sign a old four-point guard. Gain expressed its negation. He said: “I have confidence in David and Brock, the question is only more prominent, if I think it is not enough, I will sign a new player. We are also clear when you choose, and we can get it. Less than 11, but now the lineup is also satisfactory. Plus Bryce Petty, the team’s competition will look good. “

This is done every team, but they made a mistake this time, Kyle’s birthday was March 26. Kyle had to write to the twice: “Thanks for blessing, my birthday is on March 26th, it is just the taxation day, so it is easy to be forgotten.”

Dolphin coach is satisfied with the existing quarter-off guardLast season, Ryan Tannehill was reimbursed, the dolphins were digging a half-Carteller who retired half of the bodies (JAY Cutler). Carterler is in danger, everyone is obvious.

Los Angeles Lightning Use this year’s two-wheel signs (37th step) and a three-wheeled sign (seated 71st position) to the new England patriotic line, picking from the University of Oklahoma Line NANTNETHMORY.

The outside world has been discussing Ezekiel Elliott, Levian-Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) David Johnson, who will become the best running guard, but only There is no McCoo, he is dissatisfied with this: “I think I am the best running guard.”

After the Harrison to the training camp, the lions joined him to the injured list. Due to contract issues, Harrison did not participate in the mini training camp and other snap season training programs. The lion is estimated to let him go back to the right track and try to play the first week of the regular season.

Detroit Lion Twitter Remembling Player BirthdayIn the current social networking website technology, we are hard to miss the birthday reminder of your good friends, but the Detroit lion can make a mistake.

At 8 o’clock in Beijing, the NFL 2020 election election is as follows. Originally decided to be held in Las Vegas, because the epidemic was changed to the line. Although the line is changed, this year’s draft will not play half a discount. wholesale nfl Jerseys and EA Art Electric Game Company cooperate for the first time to combine game pictures and drafts to present this year’s cloud options for the global audience. Nfl President Roger – Although Gundel is in its own basement, he will also have a handshake in the game and shake from all the new show.

Former lightning players, old defensive dish, Corey Liget, Today. He has been interviewed for giants, American tigers and seaks, but not in a hurry to make a decision.

Pony Exterior Hands Listein Training In the ankle dislocation, fracture, and the medical car departure will be subject to surgery.

The eagle 4-point guard Cathler was injured in the game of the United States and was receiving the brain volatile inspection process.

The American Tiger Run Alfred – Alfred Blue injured.

Falcon defensive defender Damatai – Kaji Kazee rib injured, angular Wiklor-Shefield hurts. Extracoring Russel – Gage Russell Gage hips injured.

The jet right is the broken Brandon Shell.

The crow line is Christ Board, is accepting the brain oscillating examination process.

Red leather line Wei Mai Lee, Heles Humphrey, defensive cut Tim – Tim Settlement Due to the injury and quarantine.


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