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This year, the first week of routine, “Youth of the Bar” is watching the game live in the bedroom, and the roommate “Lin Qimao is not old” followed by playing together, so I entered the NFL circle. These two are students of military schools, in addition to class and pull, other entertainment activities in addition to class and pull. When he started watching the NFL game, the momentum joined the day NFL game and became a saints. In the case where the rules of the game are still not proficient, they actually reach the “best” achievements.

Who is the little scorpion of the ram attack group? In addition to the bad offense front line, it is undoubtedly Jereed Gaofu, reviewing the loss of the two seasons, the big arrival is the opponent blocks the pavement attack, and forcing the highfrison constantly passing, and then use strong pressure to force the highfrison. The crow is still painted by the cave, first restricts the number of patrotes of the ram to 9 rushed 22 yards, let the Gaoff are 37 goals, and the 24th ball is 21 balls when the highfridge is stressed, but the crow defense group once again It has been applied 15 times with more than 50% of the raid ratios. In addition to the two remembers, Gaoff 13 passed 5 50 yards 2 Caspia, angular Wi Murong-Henfrey and Jimmy-Smith dead ram this season The number one-the-headed bench is library – Kapu, the ram old man Mucus Pites also let Robert Woods suspect that Pites, who has been fighting in the area, came to the crow, Savaav.Macple.Co.Kr defending people, The ball that completes the copy of the copy is precisely the investment area defensive Pites reading Gaoff in the face of the wrong judgment defensive mode, grab the revenge before Woodz.

Considering that the wild horses also use the first round of the nearest neighborhood, NOAH FANT, Bart is more fond of hanging. Vante injured in the ankle in the preseason, recently resumed training. Jeff Helman (Jeff Heierman) on the game last year is also a powerful enemy.

Jet trading gains a small horse angle, Nate Hairston, is currently waiting for medical examination. Pony gets a 2020 6-wheel signs. Haierston played 27 games in the past two years, and 11 were first.

49 people ran Jerjick-McKinnon, was “upset pain” in the knee of surgery. At present, the team is in the collection of information stages, and John Lynch, General Manager, said this phenomenon “is not active”. McKinnon last year due to the knee before the cross ligament tear failed.

James Williams signed with the lion. I have a short stay in a big list of chiefs and pony.

The eagle signed the show, the right, Riley, Riley Mayfield.

The Hawks still believes that the outer junction D.K. Mitkarf (D.k. Metcalf) can participate in the season unveiled. Mitkalf accepts knee surgery at 8.20, but he is now run on the grass. The Sea Eagle also abandoned the rookie defensive cutoff Jay-Tee Tiuli.

Shatham-Griffin Section 3 A defense: He broke through the left-wing defensive end of the left-wing, and the wild beast was fiercely caused Wenz to carry the ball. By the way, the defending Sands, did not find the ball Griffin single finger sky, celebrates to the field, the Hawk’s Jefferson got the ball, Griffin, which is far 20 yards, quickly ran back to the battlefield, how to know that the big Jefferson attack Take the ball, at this time, Griffin uses his only hand to copy the ball from the ground, help the Hawks to ensure the ball. Use one hand in a defense in a defense, how is this moving scene.

Fans, of course, Bronte and Verin can be played in the field, but because the Patriot team has already taken advantage of the main scene of the United States, they don’t need too much effort to the Bill. Therefore, James White and Brandon Bolden will have the opportunity to start.

The 26-year-old Renault is expected to join the starting lineup in the next season, and partner with the 2020th occupational bowl player A.j. Brown (a.j. brown). After cutting the old man Adam-Hunfris, Corey Davis signed the jet, Titan urged the vacuum of the outer block.

In the 4 seasons of the effectiveness of the ram, Renault was first played in 13 games, completed 113 times, promoted 1450 yards, reached 9 times. He is a four-wheeled show in the ram in 2017, and it has played a game during this period.

Renault is an ideal candidate to Titan. He has experienced a similar system with Titan in the ram. The last season of Renault also played the best performance in his career, completed 52 times, pushed 618 yards, reached 2 times.

Pro Bowl a new round of tallies releasedToday announced the official NFL in Pro Bowl voting this season, this time the statistics as of the date on Sunday. The Pro Bowl this season and the Super Bowl last year in the same year, the venue, the game time is Beijing time at 7:00 on January 26, 2015, this year canceled the League of Nations and the American League against the partition. Let us look at the total number of votes so far before ten.

The full package exceeds the medium and long pass, 8 pass 0. 49 people’s defensive lattice has the best regional defense, packaging forego.com unsolicited, whether it is in the opposite Sherman or Mosley, two lines, Warde-Warner and Greenlo补 擒, Safety Gui Mi-Ward In addition to the Ji Mi Glaham, pay attention to the dynamics of Adams, and one to three gears come to the spirit: once to prevent Adams to destroy the ball, and hold an Agastan to avoid three gears Conversion, once a bit of Glaham destroyed, Ward is a superstar level performance at a critical moment. Rock run, rushing, anti-transmission all-round pressing allows the package to pass only the data of the 100 yards.


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