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Buffalo 34 Issue 34 Iron Thomas will retire from New England Patriots on October 29. He is the third player of Bill Team, which is a player who has received this prior to the two princes. Jim Kelly and defensive end Bruce – Smith (Bruce SMITH).

Giants have said that they hope that Beckham’s whole career is effective, and it is not clear that the recent style is enough to change their ideas. General Manager Dave Gatman (Dave Gettleman) Previously, Beckham was “experienced” for him, but it didn’t think so.

At the beginning of the second half, the patriots got 3 points from 25 yards anywhere. The sea eagle is immediately used in colors, Wilson 38, long-passing, David Moore completed David Moore, Haiying 21-17 Patriot.

Brown coach: never considered the deprived of HoyelIn the twelfth week of competition, although Cleveland Brown finally kill the Asia Tila big falcon, Brown first quartz soldiers, BRIAN HOYER, played a poor three-time ball in the game Many people think that they should consider making this year’s new Xiu Manzie to serve as the first quarter-off. However, Brown chiekeers Mike Pettine still expressed their support for Hoyel.

After the Hawks took back the ball, the offensive group was promoted, and Wilson was defended by Patriots to defend the Edge Winovich to kill, and the sea eagle had to give up. However, the Haiying defensive group successfully put down the first 3-speed transformation of the Patriot Offense Group, so that the Hawks offensive group played again. Wilson’s long biography of 54 yards connected to D. K-Metcalf (D. K. Metcalf), the latter a lifetime to eat last year’s best defensive player angle Stephen Gilmore (Stephen Gilmore) completed the ball reached. Hawks 14-14 patriot, the score is again equalized.

Kenny Wiggins and three-wheeeeey are the candidates of the first front line, they will be with the old Matt Slauson (currently to be determined) The other two striped actions constitute the first week of lightning.

However, Hoyell’s recent state is still in fact. His passage success rate in the past four games has only 53%, and the passing ball reached 3: 6, such a performance is not enough to help Brown rank among the playoffs. Take over andrew hawkins, Andrew Hawkins, said: “Our team thinks that we will definitely promote the playoffs. Not only the Hoyel is struggling for this, our team is fighting hard. There is no doubt that Hoyell is our leader. As long as we give him full trust, he can also lead us to fight us, believe that all teams will fear us. “

Pet Ting said in this Monday that he had never considered letting Hoyer becomes a substitute, even if Hoyel played very bad in last week’s game. He said: “Although Hoyell is why not check here good, he is still successfully led by the team. He is very good at adjustment.” It can also be seen that the teammates can also see the teammates through the final wave of attacks. Hoyell’s full trust, gathering the deployment of Hoyel when gathering in the gathering business.

As for the final person, Bauers did not give any reminders, but Josh McCown won a lot. Christian Hackenberg’s performance is not satisfactory last week, nor does it show the tacit cooperation with teammates. Although McCaun has not played last week, he also contributed a gap for the jet in the opening ceremony.

The jet will determine the first quarter from next Monday. The jet will usher in our own third preseason next Saturday (for the giant), which will also be the last time, the last time, the last chance of fighting.

The Hawks and Defensive Groups will continue to work hard, the corner of the Quinton Dunbar, the short biography of Newton Dunbar. The offensive group uses the ball translation to expand the leading advantage, and the new show will take over Freddy – Swin (Freddie Swain) received a four-dimensional Wilders 21 yard pass, unmanned defensive into the end area, Hawks 28-17 Patriot, Expand the division to 2 ball rights.

Beckham is about to enter the last year of the contract, and has been rumored in several months. The two sides will continue to renew. Mara doesn’t want to talk about this: “I don’t talk about his contract. The contract problem will solve when it should be done. We only need to wait.”

Thomas selected the second round of the 1988 draft. He is a 12 session for Bill, which is effective for Miami dolphins. The total 2,877 shohed was completed by 12074 yards 65 times. In addition, he also threatened in the attack, and completed 4,72 battals to get 4458 yards 23 times.

Patriot 3-speed 8-yard conversion failed, playing the kicks Nick Folk 51 yodi is not able to hit. There is no construction tree in both sides, the half of the half is ended, and the two sides are 14-14.

After the patriot took the ball, he advanced to the top 30 yards in the Haiying terminal. Huabi Horn Kant Digs (QUANDRE DIGGS) helmet illegally impacts the patriots outside the patriots, the N & RSQUO; Keal Harry is directly expelled, the patriot directly came to the front 8 of the Hawks code. Finally, the 4-point Weikam-Cam Newton was 1 code, the Patriot 14-7 Hawks.


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