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Plestelli said he fishing in his grandmother, this is what he can’t do in Dallas. He told reporters: “Other players encounter such a holiday week small holiday will choose to Las Vegas or Miami , I will choose a home or have a small place, which is also what I did in my seasons. I want to stop my footsteps. “

Another problem is that the packaging works in the elite four-point Wei Alon Rogers, but now there is no steady ball! Love the hooded shirt, James, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Eucalyptus, Landa, the Landa, the Bohuchuan, and the defensive, Dawan, Adams, obvious, Richard Rogers or even the whole season Only “Tianfai Feixian” is a shame. So in many games we can see that AR is like “choosing difficulty”, I would rather be caught by it, but the fact is that the packaging worker is very long and the time does not open the defense, and many slight portraits The paid opportunity slipped away from hand, reciprocated all year round, and the packaging workers were naturally retired.

Ples Tott told reporters: “Rugby and family is the two things I focus, if I have time, I will go with my family, because I am playing without having time. Anything doesn’t have a family It is important. “

In the early break, he refused the ticket of the Kanye West concert, because he needs to watch the competition at home and keep sufficient sleep. This week he rejected the invitation of TV programs and overseas, and choosing time to use your grandmother.

Due to the negative news of women in 2014, Mickesson may have to wait until the next day. But when the reporter asked 16 Personnel Executives, one of the best players in their minds, one of them said the name of Mickesson.

Before the two major alliances merge, the packaging workers were the largest team of the league champion, and there were 11 times. After the merger, Green Bay won the super bowl twice in 1996 and 2010. Two superbals were taken by two future celebrity Hall of Future & Mdash; & mdash; Bretff Falf and Alon Rogers.

11 people chose Galt, two people choosed LSU safety Wei Jiamal-Adams, each has one person chooses the University of Alabama to Wei Ru Ben-Foster, Stanford anti-defeat line Shandou – Thomon Thomas and Mickens.

Although the latest operations may affect his break training, don’t worry about Jones will absent the new season competition. In addition to one of the best players in the league, Jones is also one of the strongest players.

Some executive believes that Joe McSon is the best rookie in this year.In most of the personnel executive, Texas has a homework Mamier-Grett, is the 2nd choice for this year. However, the public is difficult, one executive believes that the best player of this draft is an Oklahoma University, which may even enter the first round: Joe Mixon.

Texas will enter the wheel next week, the coach Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; BRIEN) Will you appoint the first four-point guard to the old Malet? Let us see that this deleted push will not be a certain aque.

Although the last round lost the title of the National North Champion, the four championships were challenged to the weakened red skin in the four championships, and it was not a bad result. In addition, the package is also widely seen when we win a super bowl last time. Perhaps, only this small city team can explode the maximum energy.

Texas people substitute four-point guardI have given Tom Brady as the Patriot, Tom Brady, is obviously a strong appearance desire. In the competition of Texas 21-31, the first quarter-point Wei Len-Fitz Patrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) only played 27-pass 13, 203 yards mediocre performance. Maplet published a quite intriguing twice after the end of the game: “Focus on the arrival of the opportunity, grasp the opportunity. # 期 中 #”. But after an hour, I cut this tweet.

Yesterday, he published another Tete to explain: “Please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t want to compete for the first place through the means of social media. I am a team player, I will definitely accept the coach to me. The mission arranged. “Of course, he also said in an interview after the team training:” Who doesn’t want to play? “

The fifth time in the country of the 2015 season season: packworkGreen Bay Packaging Station is located in the northern part of the National American Football League (Wholesale Nfl jerseys) National Federation in Wisconsin, which is located in the Lanbao Stadium. Founded in 1919, the team is the third long history of the NFL team, and is the only club in the four major professional leagues in NFL and even the United States.

Breddy was also effective for patriots, according to reports, his injury gradually deteriorated last season. However, Braddy has never accepted a weekly injury report, he received knee surgery until the super bowl of the super bowl in February this year.

Clyde Christensen said in an interview last month: “I don’t think he is 100% healthy last year. The words he said at the time is: & lsquo; Hey, I have to cure my knees so that I will be better next season, you will be very happy. & Rsquo; “


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