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The raid man signed the original line of the original EmiratesAccording to NFL NetWork reporters, Mike Silver reported that the mission of Derrick Johnson has reached an agreement with the raid. Johnson will be a victorious enemy in the same district.

Johnson was 35 years old, although the biscato tendon was torn in the 2016 season, but the performance of 15 games last season can prove that he is still not old. In the 2017 season, Johnson completed 71 cockroaches, 7 times destroyed. He will bring significant improvements to the coverage of the radar second line.

External hand Odel Beckham is sought after in GermanyJust a few months ago, Germany took over Moritz Boehringer, which was the first player who came directly from the European League through the elected NFL. But Germany also likes to take a United States outside.

Las Vegas is hosted by the eleventh occupational bowl since 1950. The city in the past, the city, including Los Angeles, Dallas, Kansas City, Miami, New Orleans, Seattle, Tampa, Harrava, Glen And Orlando.

NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport analysis said that if the Pott Potter show its own determination, and the ability to attract the relationship with the temptation, he may return to the 2019 season, although this Time points are relatively early, but the possibility is still unable to erase.

Josh Gordon may still return next season.Due to the violation of alliance drug abuse policies and his own drafted researcher, the Patriots took over the Josh Gordon again to be bought indefinitely. But at present, his possibility of regression in the 2019 season still exists.

Peter Nelson, Executive Vice President of HBO Sports, said: “The tough guy training series is a very good sports documentary. HBO, NFL team, there are three NFL movies cooperation, continuous output unparalleled, novel TV Program. I am very happy that HBO can successfully keep this program. “

Hopkins, like running back Rama – Miller Cardinals will face the best defensive us.host-Tools.com blog post player & mdash; & mdash; Corey – Peters. Miller last two games where the ball an average of 5 yards per carry at least harvest, plus the last two games the ball a total of 25 times, he has the ability to achieve ground offensive to promote the team, he needs to further improve is to create more many missed tackles. The recent anti-Peters ran aspects of performance is very good, 11.8% rate of anti-run seventh in the league inside linebacker intercepted ninth, therefore, he will be Miller’s ball forward to create more trouble.

In addition to passing attack, Savage can complete the handover ball work, launched from the ground to help the team advance. Over the past two games, the team’s ground offensive performance is acceptable. “We need to go further in terms of the ground offensive,” O’Brien said. “I think our strength is still possible ground offensive in the forefront of the league, but the decline in the last two games, so we need to bounce.” Over the past two games Texans ground were advanced only 94,89 yards, but averaged 127.9 yards advancing ground is still ranked sixth in the league. Rama – Miller, Freeman, Bruce will need to advance the team to contribute their strength. “There is no doubt,” Freeman said, “We are constantly training, we are full of confidence, able to contribute more yardage for the team.” For Savage, at least through the ground to avoid being negative yardage sack and outgoing steals. “Pocket quarterback for the ground offensive is very important, can confuse the defense and take timely read option attack.” Savage said, “We have several talented running back, as long as necessary, they can come up with the best performance. “

In addition to the game itself, Texans fans may be more concerned about off-site. Texans team history will be the first wide receiver Andrew – Johnson held commendation ceremony. Johnson will become the first player to get Texans team Hall of Fame ring. Thank you, Johnson, made contributions to the team!

[Texans News Express] against the Cardinals, the last chance of winningThis weekend, Texans will celebrate the Cardinals at home, have to remove the original – Tom Brady 49 off the bench Garo Poirot, the Texans remaining opponents, including crows, Titans, Jaguars, Steelers, Colts. Dish of chicken in the regular season the last two Zhoumei Nan bottom club unrelated playoff pecking no sense, therefore, become the Cardinals won fans, the team, the coaching staff, as well as the last hope Savage. Therefore, we can no need to consider the status and performance of the team defense group, the team needs to be done, only the score, and that is to get more points than the Cardinals.

There is no doubt that Hopkins will face the Cardinals head horn guard Patrick – Peterson marker. Over the past two games, Hopkins 29 times in Savage passing target, running an average of 2.29 yards every time ranked 17 in the league external hands. Peterson currently average 29.7 per stall before releasing the ball once complete, is the first cornerback Union. Averaged 0.5 yards before the file is released defensive alliance of three levels. However, Peterson seems to be good at the outside of the large external defense, and Hopkins could seek opportunities to slot the ball in manufacturing.


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