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As a comprehensive defensive player, Ningkevic’s last season is the most in the seven people in front of the patriot. He achieved 6.5 kills and the most career of the 7th destruction. He is a third consecutive player (102 games) in the NFL defensive end.

Lang Ning was ranked first in 39.2 yards in the season. Lee is ranked 15th, Li Take 39.6 yods, but the old one in the union of 11 years will be selected in the sixth round of 49 people in 2004. Occupational bowls and never missed competition.

Jet signed Johnson last year, but Johnson did not show him 8000 yards in Titan’s 8000 yards in 2008-13, and assigned a play time with Chris Ivory and It is a child, whether it is a number of mushrooms (155), the number of mushrooms (663) or the number of batches (24) is the lowest career. The jet chooses not to implement Johnson’s contract, will be $ 3.5 million in the next season and reduce the impact of $ 5.25 million for wage.

The luggage is full of rugby, Cairo – Santos bravely the United States of America & mdash; & mdash; after a few years, he became the first player cheap jerseys from china Brazil in NFL! This is a player who is playing the Kansas City Emirates. SpoX.com, tells us to become a role of rugby players, who is the best “FIFA” player in the Airate team, and how NFL team deals London trip. In addition, he will also explain to us, as a spiritual challenge of NFL players, & mdash; & mdash; and recall the strange balls of the murder.

Brown has replaced the ball and long players, and now it is in the past. In the case where Brown will use the control of the ball, it is difficult for the entire season that can be difficult to advance in the whole season, and the transaction can be understood from the abandonment of the players who have the excellent ability.

Jet stop “radius” Johnson contract

Only the only 7 single season 2000 code, one of the “Light Speed” Chris Johnson, who has to look for the next East home for the second year. The jet is a total of $ 500,000 in the $ 500,000 bonus options, but activated the Jason Babin, a total of $ 2.5 million in Jason Babin, Calvin Pace. Bonus options.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport is known as the report of the informed people in Brown Saturday, the seventh round of the seventh round of the selection of the selection of the selection of the selection of the seventh round of the San Francisco, got the three-way selection of career bowls to abandon the hand Andy Andy Lee.

Draw! [Pre-match] Eleventh Weekday Tournament: Los Angeles Roewear VS Chicago Bear

The best two teams, Chicago bear and Los Angeles ram last season, are difficult to satisfy this season. The bear is currently 4 wins and 5 losses, ranking third in the northern part of the United States, and the ram is 5 wins and 4 losses, ranking third in the country. In the past two two teams, the bear won 6 games, and 6 in these seven games fell. Is the ram won in this Sunday night match? This game is critical to the two teams still have a certain season.

Soon, he received a scholarship in Tulane University. He won the Lou Groza Award in his third season. In 2014, as a new show, Santos signed a contract with the Kansas City chief, and successfully squeezed off the first season of the first season of Ryan Succop.

Santos: Of course, Brazilian people have gradually realized this. You also mentioned the example of German athletes, such as Moritz B & Oml; Hringer, which was selected by the Minnesota Victor. Our team also selected a Canadian player *, and now there is a Brazilian player playing in the university league. In my opinion, Brazilian players are the best way to come to the United States in high school, and we can improve their competition level while we can improve yourself. To be a qualified player, it takes many years of training. Even if your physical quality is very good, it takes a long time to improve your stability.

External hand James – Jones Jozen New York Giants

According to NFL’s famous media, Ian Rapoport, James Jones, James Jones, has given a one-year contract with the giants on Thursday. It is said that there have been many teams including giants, eagles, chiefs, seaks and tigers to express the syndrome, but finally Jones still chose to come to Big Apple City, according to Lotobert, the giant offensive coordination Wema McAdoo is the decisive factor for Jones chooses giants, and the two have worked for seven seasons in Green Bay packages.

49 people choose the fifth round of this year’s selection to discard the bradey pinion (Bradley Pinion), Cheap Jerseys Li is no longer indispensable. There is also no longer indispensable, there is a brown kick, Spencer Lanning. Informed people, to La Pott, trumed Lang Ning, has been given up by the team.

Jones signed a contract for a three-year value of 11.3 million US dollars in March last year, but he made a flatness last season, and the ability to get rid of defensive faster, leading to him by the raid in March this year. team. The giant signed him more due to the distrust of Victor cruz injury, but Jones’s position is not solid, if you can’t take a powerful performance in the training camp, he can even be unable to enter Final 53 people list.


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