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Harrison said: “My situation is somewhat hard, I am not sure about the future. I can’t give an answer now. I have been 37 years old. I am 38 years old in May. The reality is not as simple as I hope.” Local time Monday, he added: “I am more and more old, my body is difficult to recover. The most difficult thing for me is the break, how to prepare for the new season. I am not ready to make a decision. When I decided, I will tell you. “

Julian EDELMAN has won anonymous general manager, and he said Edrman is the cover of the cheap nfl Jerseys alliance. Such comments were recorded by the famous ESPN reporter Mel-Kang Baile (He believed that Edelmanne can be ranked 4th strength in 2009.

Harrison is still uncertain in the future plan

Pittsburgh Steptor’s old, James Harrison, is one of the best defensive players in the past 20 years. It is widely believed that he has ended his last game last weekend. However, in the interview after the game, Harrison said it was still considering its future.

The history of Calobo’s injuries includes an ankle injury and knee injury, and these injuries have missed a long time. When Galopolo was first, 49 people’s record was 22 wins and 8 losses. When he was absent, the record of 49 people was only 6 wins and 17 losses.

This season, Jenkkins won 54 hugs in 13 games, 14 times destroyed pass and 4 times. He is the best horn of this season, but he only ranks 55 in the League Corner in the score of professional football focus.

Edelman is a draft in 2009. He is a quadition in the university period, and now he has completed 197 battles to advance 2028 yards and 10 reachaes. On the 49th Super Bowl, he became the goal of 12 times, and he pushed 109 yards and 1 reached. Edelman is a dangerous player, he has a good sense of coordination and feel, and the superior speed makes him easily tear off the defense of the Hawk.

In the arrangement of GM Jon Robinson, their draft will be smooth. Considering that they have two high-time first roundabouts in their hands, they can travers one of them or choose more than one player. In any case, this is the opportunity of their closest to the reinforcement. The team retreats on the right track, you need to add backfoot or line guards, and the location of the outer hand. I think Mike Williams (Clemson), Cleys (Weshangington) or John Ross (Washington) can choose from the first half of the first half, or select Ded Westbrook (Oklahoma) in the second round. In addition to the two-wheeled suitable candidates mentioned above, Marshon Lattimore is also suitable for Titan.

In the four-defense position, Deshone Kizer (Notre Dame) can be used as a 49-person backup selection; the defensive backfinder position, Marshon Lattimore (Ohio State), Jamal Adams (LSU), Marlon Humphrey (Alabama), and Brendan Langley (lamar) They are all right candidates in their hands. Defensive wanders can be signed from free players Earm Mi Tri, and also available Jonathan Allen (Alabama). The minimum requirement is that 49 people can’t make any season, they need GM’s operation to turn the team back back to the right track.

“This is the decision made by the team,” said the Pat Shurmur’s statement. “From the boss to management to the team operator, we think this is the best decision for the team and players. Obviously, this week happens and he refuses to admit that he uses improper use of improper use of it. Decisive factor. “

49 General Manager: If you keep health, quit Sanbu Pubo will have trust

San Francisco 49 people have never avoided the position of the first quadrant position, mainly because their first quarter-break is difficult to maintain health.

DL DROP is the associated product of zone blitz, and the regional raid means that the anti-parallel ball area, and there is a player raided four-point guard. Unlike the defensive defense, the regional defense needs to be different, and there is a possible pass line in his region in advance. This gives more than 280 pounds, the speed of slow lines can be protected: cheap Nfl jerseys from China they don’t need to follow the ball in the speed of the speed, just need to enter your own critical area in advance.

Since the start of the break, Linqi’s response is the most determined support given by Calibo. Given that Garobopo is only a full season of full seasons during the effectiveness of 49 people, there is no reason. But in health, Garobo’s performance is enough to help 49 people play out. In the 2019 season, it is the best example.

Rugby 36

The ladder is deliberately displayed, and the enemy can enter the desperate point, truncation of its reinforcement or admission forces, so that it is in a surrounded land. There is a witty tact in the football called the defensive frontline, and there is similar effect.

But if this situation changes, 49 people think that these questions will gradually smoke. In the case of being asked if there would be questions if there would be questions if there is questions if you have a healthy, Jimmy Garoppolo, 49 John Lynch is firmly expressed support for the former. .


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