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Patriots take over Endlman to participate in baseball batting trainingJulian EDELMAN is recovering from the second foot surge accepted by less than a year, but his performance in Fenwei Park indicates that his recovery is taken in the correct direction.

Although Watt’s landing is more like accident, not deliberately, but this is the same in the eyes of the referee. After the two gear offensive, Bad Dupley was blown by the illegal hand, let Tomstin are more excited.

Wilson: The last tactics have no problemSeattle Hawks At the last attack of the super bowl to be turned to be cut. And the choice of this offensive tactics also became the focus topic of the fans in the past two days. The local time Tuesday, Qussell Wilson sounded on tactical issues. Wilson believes that there is no problem with tactics.

Teaching outside the pirate: Winston is better than Mario ThaFor http://wiki.Siows.com Mac-Evans, the second grade of Tampawan pirates, the team made a correct decision in this year’s draft. Tuesday, Evans said in an interview with local media, he believes that Jamies Winston is better, and more suitable for the team.

The opponent of this week will be an Auckland raid, because the opponent is weak, does not rule out the team will treat the wounded in a more conservative manner. In addition, the external hand is injured in the hip, and only participated in a small number of training.

Wild Horse Coach John Fox (John Fox) said: “He can play immediately, progress every day. We all believe that he can see him in the playoffs.” At present, Marshall is the only list of 53 people in the wild horse. Excelled the trained player. In the fourth quarter of the game competition, the security guard T.J.-Wald (T. J. Ward) did not participate in the confrontational training, but a small amount of relevant positions were conducted for two consecutive days.

The rules of malicious collision quadrant have been received, and TJ Watt is also made by “Tom Brady rules”, this name is from the first week of the 2008 season, Braddy because of defenders Pressing to his knee and tearing the front cross ligament. Watt’s landing point is close to the legs of the Falcon 4-point Swan, Ryan, is indicative of the referee in the knee, and the former is thus blew.

For Evans, he hopes to continue the outstanding performance of the rookie season, and help Winston adapt to the rhythm of the professional competition as soon as possible. At the time of talking about another quartz, Evans said: “I have had experience in the four-point guards that have been excellent in this kind of mobile capabilities,” Evans once in college During the period and Johnny Manziel, he also hinted that he would look forward to working with Winston.

Wilson said: “The empty block at that time is already big enough. I just have to complete the ball. The success means that it means to reach, the second champion. In this case, why not?” Wilson also revealed that he had already watched it. The recording of the station is over 12 times. He emphasized that even if he returned, he will pass on the same way.

Wild horse wire returns to train, playback is expected to come outDenver Yam did not relax in Christmas day. Several wounded people returned to training, they look forward to winning the last game of the regular season. At the same time, the Brandon Marshall also appeared on the day of training. Although he did not join the team training, he chose a small amount of recovery training together with the fitness trainer and the instructor responsible for strength.

How does Jeff Briff sing a small night song for quadrotae Weidi? The Night Tournament of the Night Tournament of the US Sunday Navigator’s four-point guards, Tom Brady, did not look at the teammates to defeat Arizona.

Wilson said: “I think that tactics don’t have problems. I have persisted this. The only problem is that we have failed.” At that time, the Seattle Hawks face 2 gears, and only one yard from the end area. The team did not choose to give the ball to the Marshawn Lynch, but to choose the pass tactics. In the end, Wilson’s pass was copied, and they also lost the game.

Evans said: “Winson is very all, he can keep in your pocket, reasonably distribute the ball.” Relevant persons revealed that Winston’s joining does not make the team greatly change the existing offensive tactics. Pirates are very confident in Winston. He used a more close to NFL style during college and one of the reasons for the team to choose his.


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