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NFL players will call on all parties to work together to reduce violationsThe US Time Thursday afternoon, NFL held the first year of Super Bowl in Minneapolis, attendees included Demaurice Smith and Executive Committee included in the player.

Please call me 200 dollar book for BraddyBearing this week, NWA Brady, New England Patriot, accepted an interview with GQ magazine reporters, during which they talked to Brradi’s 200 dollar book, he insisted that your book name Called “TB12 Nutrition Manual”.

Braddy has explained the weight problem: “Every behavior has a result, I don’t doubt weight loss will make you strong, but it will not be healthy, especially professional athletes, I don’t say me. The book can help keep strong, but can provide a certain help, understand your body, will not give too much pressure and burden. “

Harvard Beard Male Ryan Fitzpatrick almost staged a miracle again. But the final loss is still dolphins. The red skin is relying on a weak chicken opponent to the season’s first victory, and the Hill Callahan is happy to open the door.

Although the training time of the sniper is greatly reduced, Falls believes that the bear team and the Eagle’s offensive system have a similar situation. The current Xiong Team coach Matt-Nagy, from Andy REID, and Reid used the eagle coach, Falls experienced the offensive system of Reid.

There have been reports that Elliot is considering not participating in the training camp in order to press in renewal negotiations. This week’s report also said that the options, including the dismissal, are not excluded.

The book mentioned that teammates have a question about Breddy’s non-formal maintenance. Braddy said: “There are many fans in the book, and you are looking forward to the content, you see that I am a professional athlete, I spent a lot of effort in order to keep the state Now my habits are no one can change, so I think this will be very fearful for many people, because they know that they don’t change habits, but I know that all this is effective, because I have been from the university Start this to do it. “

Falls said: “I think (four-point guard) is the most critical thing to pay only attention to winning. Should pay attention to doing yourself on the court. When tactics are decided, I will play my best performance.”

“Just say that you want to win, it is useless. Need to be prepared for winning every day, whether it is training, warm-up before training, or the implementation of tactics. I can’t think of it, I think myself. To do it, but neglect reading defense. “

In this victory, Cosx was completed four times, and the ball was transferred more than 300 yards in the second week. He completed the ADAM THIELEN in the first ball of Viki, and then found Stefon Digs score. In these three times, twice were the far-reaching ball of Digs, the last time Diggz completed the ball reachable in the end of the end of the terminal.

Before Digs completed the difficulty of reaching, the eagle had a 17-point, but the lack of ball transformation was completely buried. Carson Wentz 40 passed 26 times, pushed 306 yards, reached 2 times, was copied once. Jake Elliott also passed a copy of a copy during a false shooting ball tactics.

Cowboy believes that the Elio Terminal will participate in the training campBeijing July 25, the cowboy’s training camp is about to open on Thursday. They believe that Ezekiel Elliott will also be present.

Elliot’s rookie contract enters the second year, he is expected to become the most expensive running guard of the alliance. At present, he will be 38.53 million US dollars next season, 2020 is 90.99 million US dollars.

Nick Falls: The key to the four-point guard competition is not only to winRecently, there is a rumor that the Xiong team will quit season, and the fans are in the fans, and the Falls himself come out to clarify.

Russell Wilson’s offensive ability is still excellent, passed into 287 yards, reached 2 times, but also completed a rush to reach this year, he has passed the ball to 14 times, but it has not been copied Over, it is entirely a performance of MVP. It’s the main ground offensive main force of the Hawk, and he has pushed 124 yards 24 yards.

Tyreek Hill, Tyreek Hill, completed a high-difficult ball in the first quarter, and then hangs the defensive player to send the ball to the end area, and declare his return to all fans, but he can’t It has been maintaining such performance. The most traffic Shanier completed 5 batches, pushed 80 yards, reached 2 times.

Brown has been 20-6 leaders, and the top three ball rights are scored. Running the Nick Chubb (Nick Chubb) Push 122 yards, reached 2 times. But the subsequent 4th ball translation is fatal. The four points Baker Baker Mayfield also has hips injury, and his pass passed the pass of 3 times.

Eric Winston, president of the Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China player, called on all parties to reduce violations: “Everyone needs to participate,” he said, “I want to see more coaches to guide the compliance. & hellip; & hellip; Currently, they have happened in conjunction with these things, and have not tried the status quo. Everyone must act. “


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