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The pirate offensive group promoted to the patriot halfway through a 16-yard ball, but he had to kick it at the 42-yard line. The patriot has also promoted to the pirate halfway 43 yard line through a series of passes, Tom Braddy is in the defending of Adadon, and the ball is defensive. – Krak (Will Clarke picked up! This is the second loss of the ball in Braddy. The pirate offensive group debut, Jemiens Winston finally completed a three-speed conversion: he found the close-end Cameron Brate in the third gear 5 yards, got the first attack. This is the first time the pirates have been converted for the first time.

Wang: What is called, in fact, more we look forward to yourself! In the domestic DB combination game, it is actually relatively conservative, but we prefer to use the oppressed defense to prevent each other’s players. I am not saying that I am Chinese Richard, Shelman, I will never dare to arrive at this point. For me, this is more attitude. The overall strength of the dragon cavalry does not count the top, but the rugby is a team of team, you can’t expect a player to decide the winner of the game, we also have a lot of places to strengthen, but as our own, this is our goal and future efforts The direction.

People have been dissatisfied by Serbulina’s behavior. She is prohibited by the local club. Since then, Cébrina said that she was uncomfortable for people’s reaction, she received an interview: “I made a mistake, I feel very bad. I have more drunk, and then I am more annoying that I feel very regret, some players have disappointed my text message, I made a mistake but I didn’t know how to make up. “

The patriot starts trying to consume time through the ground, and quickly being forced to go out. Adam Humphries, the pirates, piratory, pushing 15 yards. In the patriot halfway, I have a three-speed 15 yard, Jiemeis Winston rushed out of the pocket, and ZHEN Jackson won 29 yards. In the end, near-end Edge Carmelon – Brett took the ball 18 code to score! The pirates have finally completed the reachaes before they were suspended in two minutes. Kicking the ball Nick-Folk also completed additional shot, pirates two points behind 16:14.

Sebrina apology publishes Edelman photos attract attentionJulian Erman’s External Julian Adelman has gained a good comment on the performance of the 49th Super Bowl, but he still made a mistake, that is, after the arrival of the carnival, it is called Sebille. Na’s girl stayed in a night.

With Jiemens Winston, the pirates have been out of the three gears, the patriot Danny Aman Dora bridges the sea, attacking 40 yards, leading the team to the pirate halfway! There is still 2:13, Braddy is relaxed in the first half, and Braddy is relaxed. But before the distribution, they did not complete the reachable, they had to send Shithen-Gust Cosg, 23 yards, the patriot 13: 7 leading pirates. Before the end of the first half, Jemis Winston caused two consecutive patriots to illegally hit the Passer, bring the team to the patriots half a 38-yard line. With the old player Nick Folk, Nick Folk, there is no 56 yards, the end of the competition, the score is still 13: 7.

Q: The feeling of this question is strange, talk about your original fate of football?Tang: I have heard of rugby since I have heard of football, but the game that officially participated in the full equipment football started when he was studying graduate student. At that time, all the communities of the school were recruiting new, I got a name. Although it is said to be a team of school teams in Edinburgh, it is actually a hobby with my teammates. Later, I returned to China to work in Shanghai, and the opportunity was coincidental by colleagues into Shanghai Long cavalry. At this time, I was really entitled.

The gambling kicks of the pirate did not succeed, the patriots got the ball in the pirate half of the 37 yard line. The important three-speed 8 yards, the patriot can not get the first attack, Steven Gust Coske’s homage 48 yards, the patriot is 5 points in 19:14. They only left a pirate a 1 minute and 10 seconds. Entry-ended Denne-Jackson completed 24 yards on the midmallow, and Exterior Hand Adam – Henfris came back to 20 yards and stopped on the table. With the 17 yards of Cameron Brett, the pirates also have 19 yards cheap Jerseys from china the end area, while the game is only 3 seconds. Jamiens Winston’s last fight did not succeed. At the end of the game, the New England Patriots took a victory in 19:14.

Wang: I am in the same night than Tang teacher, I am also pulling it. The first game just rushed to the Dragon cavalry and Nanjing’s competition, but it was particularly excited, and that the game had a pass to the pass to the pass, when everyone was particularly excited. This is me. Formally enter the team.I also wanted to pick up at first. But it is too small to say that my hand is too small. For external hands, it is really not very good to play, so I will choose to change your horn, this is also an amount. Forced changes! In fact, the location of the corner guards in the past few years has never paying too much attention, and my figure is indeed advantageous than the corner of other teams. Despite this, after I played a corner, I suddenly realized the most exciting pleasure in football, this kind of 1V1 and the feeling of the opponent’s feeling is very cool! This is also the reason I have always insisted on nowhere and willing to fight the defense group.


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