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Dacouus, the University of Alabama, was selected by the first round of the first round in 2013, and gradually laid the position of the new generation of top defensive frontline players in the four years of entering the alliance. He selected a professional bowl twice, he got 10 kills last season, ranking all the first defensive cuts, and selected the best lineup of the United States association.

According to Pete Carroll, Pete Carroll said that the sea eagle took over Thaler Rockte, which continent in the competition, caused severe swelling, and has been taken to nearby hospitals to receive treatment.

When Carol accepted a reporter, heard that Lockte was still subject to surgery. He said that the team considered letting him stay in the hospital. Obviously Carol is worried about the health of Rockte, but at the same time, the information on his hand is also very limited.

The interpretation of the defensive system is reasonable. If the pirate coaches believe that Su can perform better, they certainly make a correct decision. But in any case, people will compare the performance of McCay and Su.

The coach McVeigh side of the arrangement, in addition to a long pass is a long pass, the 49th Super Bowl seems like Pete – Carol forgotten “beast mode” in general, the field most of the time, like McVeigh forget Siegel Lee, even in fourth gear a yard with Geer Li still do under the guise of anti-counterfeiting run it completely, in fact, not very young McVeigh got amnesia, but he quickly discovered abnormal Rams offensive front, if the forced to use outside of the area to cover, and that is a waste of opportunity. In fact the chief’s pass defense is gradually becoming less afraid of passing Gough, Gough although in this wave of emergency in yourself rushing touchdowns, but the scenes look at the game, the ball easily Gough fewer opportunities .

Hubble said: “What can Verco? What is so perfect in the third section, this is the playoffs, this is Flaco. He is the best quarter.” Fla The score of the seasons is 10 wins and 4 losses. There are 22 passes to more than 8 times, the success rate exceeds 55%, and only 2 occurred in the last 9 playoffs. Teram Trell Saggs said: “Flaco is very calm, the game has been changing, but his heart has not changed. This is his game.” Indeed, people have to fall against the crow The 6th seed enters the playoffs. It has already been lucky to be lucky. Few people care about the crow team with the Cleveland Brown team at last week, Fraco is very simple when Jeaux is very simple: “Let us win this game.”

The contusion is often mistaken to be otherwise injuries, but the players who have been contusted are not common to the hospital so quickly. The outside world is worried that Rockete may encounter a chamber symptom, which is acute swelling in the calf, and if it is serious, emergency surgery needs to be accepted.

Bill and Dhalius’s renewal negotiations fall into a deadlockAccording to the news of the two internal people to the Associated Press, Buffalobier and the inner stars defensive cut Masel-Dagra Dareus were currently in the stagnation. Since the renewal negotiation is the secret, the two insiders have chosen anonymous.

Although this is not recognized, it is really a good opportunity to exclude personal emotional colors. Especially in Pittsburgh, the Steel Strong Team is won, and the four competitions are so calm and efficient Joe Flacco, which is shrouded by the Victory Oxe.

Few people will believe that Vlaco has the ability to complete the ball in the third quarter, one of the three-dimensional 14 yards attack, the ball of Torre Smith in the slot is very perfect, and then Brice mccain is beautiful after BRICE MCCAIN. Give Steve – Smith’s ball is beautiful. Steve said: “I strive to catch a ball between two defensive players, and Vlaco has passed a beautiful ball.”

In the fourth quarter, the pony is still behind. Jeff – Jeff Saturday picked up the ball to complete the big! Both sides war to 28 flat. Subsequently, GOSTKOWSKI was once again, and the patriot made a lead again. The pony will then use a free kick to fight to 31 squares. When the game is less than four minutes, the patriot has completed a 43-yard rejection, 34: 31, the patriot has again got ahead. Subsequently, the Patriot Defense Group forced the small horse to abandon kick. And the horses’ defensive groups do not have to show weakness, and they will take the ball for only one minute. At this time, there is still 2:17, and Manning leads the pony offensive group. In this wave of attack, they have to successfully complete a round of shooting, in order to chase the score. Everyone placed breathing, waiting for Manning and Pony to give the final answer. From this 20-yard line to the front 11 yard line of the Patriophone terminal, Manning used 19 seconds (Note: Manning passed the 58 yards, and additionally included an impact transfer penalty was penalized 12 yards). Three pass, each time you can’t get a huge defensive pressure of the patriot, every time you have a distant danger, and Manning and his pony have come back from the ghost door. Two consecutive shots, pony pushed 8 yards. 3 files 2 yards, Manning actively requested a pause. Subsequently, Joseph Addai came forward and completed a 3 yard of the squad! Pony finally became more than score in the United States finals. But the game has not ended yet, they left Braddy and his patriot a minute. The patriot has won an excellent offensive start position, Braddy will bring team to start cheap nfl jerseys from china the 45-yard line. Subsequently, it was a moment of making countless pony fans boiling, the shot of the gunline, Braddy withdraws the ball to the middle road, the small horse horn Mallin – Jackson Jackson flying, complete the copy! ! The whole stadium is boiling! ! Manning ran into the venue and called his teammate to put a Victory formation. After the kick, Pedon is single, and it has implemented this difficult victory!


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