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This week, 49 people will be challenged from 11 new Orleans in the new Orleans. The team is expected to open a good next hanging season. 49 people in this season reduced the proportion of pavement attack, but Gore did not think that more running will bring better results for the team. Gore said: “We are a team, every teammate is very good. I think as long as you fight, we can become better. A person’s performance does not have the result of the game, only the whole team is Can win. “

[Review] Midland tournament game Saturday: 3-17 Bill Crow2018 first-round pick of the two quarterbacks & mdash; & mdash; Lamar – Jackson (Lamar Jackson) and Josh – Allen (Josh Allen) met in the playoffs last week, both harvested their first career playoff victory.

As Braddy said, the crow once defensive core Ed Reed and Ray Lewis have left the team, which is no longer a super bowl of championship in the year. But their defense is equally unable to make smaller, it becomes more balanced and efficient than compared with the 2012 season. The crow has one of the best anti-running lineups in the Alliance, and the most horrible rushing hand combination Trell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil.

However, the first half both teams offensive team can not find the rhythm, even the SWAT team are difficult to score. Ravens kicker Justin – Tucker (Justin Tucker) rarely missed two free kick, Sam – Cork (Sam Koch) is a punt 23 yards to the Bill free kick opportunity.

This 34-31 plus time winning pony has ended the Territory 9-winning streak record, the four-point guards Shan Watson (Deson Watson) and the defensive end JJ Watt (JJ Watt) are responsible The aspect is quite building a tree, helping the team eventually win.

Crow tried to tie the game, their immediate concern was Bill 9 yards line, but then the accident. Bill cornerback Tallon – Johnson (Taron Johnson) Jackson steals the ball, and directly back to attack 101 yards a touchdown, which is tied for the longest postseason steals return touchdowns. Bill 17-3 lead.

Gore: We will enter the playoffsIn the season, 49 people in San Francisco currently lagaind behind Leader Lee Lili, and the Seattle Hawks were 1 win field. As far as the current situation, I want to get the outer card in the country, may have 10 victories. The more difficult schedule combination is quite unfavorable to 49 people playoffs hope to be a shadow.

When the value of the referee did not see the action of Als kick opponents, they said that they made the reaction & mdash; & mdash; he pulled the foot of the Els. It was therefore throwing a penalty for a foul by the referee, but Els did not punish.

[Event Briefing] Regular Tournament 15th Week: Lightning Lock SeasonIn the 15th week of the regular season, Los Angeles lightning became the second team of the United States and west into the playoffs. Due to the two of the NET, the previous two of the Skyline, the two teams will be better, and the record can only go to the online card.

Last year, the knee in front of the knee is in the past, and the Watssen has completed 29 times, and the 375 yards were promoted, and 2 reached, and they were copied. Watt completed 2 kills, twice forced the ball, Www.Itic.Org one of which was taken by Jadeveon Clowney, and completed back to reach.

The defensive weakness of the crow lies in the second line. Can they organize Braddi will be a key point in the game. Of course, the crow also has its own secret weapon, Dean Pees dean Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pis Pispis Bi Belch Belichick has evaluated Pis: he has the ability to cover any errors in the defensive group. He also knows how to deal with Braddy.

Braddy said: “Everything has changed, we can’t make any changes for things that have already happened in the past. We are all new teams, they have some old people will have retired, we are also, no one will put them again On the field. This is a familiar but strange game. “

Counterfeit NFL Jerseys seized by CBP at JFK International Mail FacilityAlthough the team is currently temporarily third in the country, the old will run Wei Luk Gore, still believe that the team has the ability to enter the playoffs. He said: “We will be among the playoffs, we can do this. We have excellent coaches, excellent players, we have never hardened the championship over the past three years, but everyone still did not give up.”

Huntley led attempt to strike back, but was stopped by Bill defense group in the red zone. After the punt defense, the Ravens punt violations collision hand, Bill give away the first attack. Bill walked table to win the final victory.

Although the pony is dragging the game in the next half, the incomplete offensive group is also affected by Andrew Lucks to a certain extent. Left off-off, Anthony Castonzo, close-up, Doyle, is absent, and take over Ty Hilton completed 4 games to advance 115 yards, but then the chest and Legs are injured, Rock has to find new offensive pathways.


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