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Katler has helped the team to win the Mingnesota Viking, but this seems difficult to change the team’s views, his stadium performance and the local position is very bad, only the team coach John Fox (John Fox) US time Monday or support Katler as the first week of the first week of the four-point guard.

Although the Philadelphon Eagle coach Doug-Pederson said that they would not sigh him last week, but according to informed people, the eagle did attempt to sign Maclin. Macilllin has a certain interest to return to the eagle.

Lynch only completed 417 yards in 7 games in the last season of Hawks, and he was still fighting with injuries. Now he is healthy, plus the powerful offensive line of the raid, which will be a major attack with the raid.

“We have no time to spend the knee, but he has clearly said that he doesn’t want to finish the contract time.” Rooney said in an interview, “This is natural to be good news, he is not like this year. The upcoming player. We will find a correct time to handle the contract, he can have this kind of consideration to make us very happy. I hope we can bring a few rings for him. “

The main priority of the steel man should also be to run Wei Zevon-Bell (Veon Bell), Bell is about to be free players in March. Although both parties have a continued intention, Rooney does not understand whether it will use the team privilege label for Bell.

Now his performance is questioned by his teammates, according to the news of Black Journalists Mike Freeman, he received a newsletter of 2 bear players, and these two people said that most players in the bear team are I hope the team will give up this old quarter-saving. A player wrote to Fremman newsletter: Carterler could not serve as the role of the leadership team on Sunday, which made the players feel very bad.

Black Leopard Norman Rocked Mincint Media Guest on ItRodney Harrison believes that Carolina Black Leopard Star Josh Norman is the best corner guard in the alliance. But another different point of view is annoyed this week.

Although there is no player to play a decisive role in a team, Macillin’s decision has a huge attachment of Bill. Macilllin is an old way to take over the old man in Bill. Previously, Bill Run, Wah, McCo, was publicly persuaded Mac, and Bill.

Williams took 90 batches at Granbol last season, and 1337 yards and 11 reachaes. The rickets hopes that he can provide excellent output in the External Legion Composed of Fitzgerald, John Brown and J. J. Nelson (J. J. Nelson).

Once in San Diego lightning and new England patriots, Harrison, who is now serving NBC, said this week to the media in the Black Leopard. After the game of the Giant Femplay, he still believes that the Falcon Eagle takes Hilio Jones ( Julio Jones is better than Norman. “If the two sides are in the same situation, Hurio Jones has a high quality quarter to pass, I think Hurio-Jones will win the opposition between the two sides because I feel that his physical condition is about Be good. “Harrison said.

When the media later mentioned this, Norman is very unhappy about Harrison’s evaluation. “If you like, you can insult my IQ,” Norman said. “You can even insult my puppy. But no matter what you do, please don’t insult my talents. This is what I will not let you do …. Who else can let him in arrow? Can only get the same general data? Who else does this? If that is not a talent, what is it? “

In this game, Katler 32 passed 16, pushed 182 yards, 1 reached, 2 times, have been copied, got the worst 55.1 of the past three years, and one of them has completed the opponent. In the array, Carter has a drop.

Fitzgerad saw Bordin’s shadow on a rookie The flushing rumors use three rounds this year to check the External hand of Granbolin University. Chad Williams, and wholesale Jerseys he even did not attend the body test. But the red rumming is lined up, and the Larry Fitzgerald is believed to be a treasure.


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